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Default R.I.P Ozzie

I saved a little 'keet, but it did not end well.

There is a lady that lives across the road from us, we, as well as my two younger brothers, know her really well.. she gives us mangerines (sp?) from her tree and loves to just have a chat, she has just turned 82 years old and her husband died from cancer, so she lives by herself. Well anyway, she has a 'keet, named Ozzie, that is believed to be around 15-16 years old, he is a happy chap, chirping all the time and he bangs his beak on his bells he has in his cage cause he loves the noises. Ozzie is like her bestest best friend.

Wednesday night, my aunt and my cousins came over for a visit, it was around 6-7pm, and we (aunt, myself and my mum) were standing in the kitchen, we heard something, and we paused.. it sounded like a bird, so we listened and it sounded like a 'keet. I immediately grab the torch and run outside to the side of the house (where I was sure it was coming from, there or under the house), I got to the side of the house, shine the torch, and there was this 'keet laying there hopelessly, screaming. I grabbed it with my jacket and went inside. I got a spare cage, quickly shoved it in the bath, scrubbed it clean and dried it, and then I filled up a hot water bottle and covered it with a few towels and put it on the bottom of the cage and put the 'keet on it. It was not until I put this 'keet down, that I realized, it was Ozzie, the ladies 'keet from across the road.. I was rushing to get him warm that I did not really get to get a good look at him.

His wing was bleeding really bad, I put a ton of flour on it, then dabbed it with luke warm water to clean it up a bit. I stayed up for hours and hours watching him, he was shaking a lot, not surprised though, he was pretty stressed out, and I at one stage, thought he was not going to make it. He sat on the bottom of the cage for awhile, then started climbing around the cage, so I got a perch and put it in for him and he went straight to it and sat there. I ended up giving him food and water and covered him to keep the warmth in and went to bed. I was going to go over and tell the lady, but we wanted to keep him with us overnight to watch him, and his wing started bleeding again, she might not have realized (she has some dementia) or would not have known what to do.

The next morning, I woke up, uncovered him, and surprisingly, he was still perching and good! the only thing is, he did not eat, I blew on the seeds, and it was all fresh still, and no seed on the bottom of the cage, I hoped that he had at least had a drink, but probably was too stressed and being in a different cage would have been a bit traumatizing. My mum said since he had no signs of bleeding and looked to be okay now, we should take him back over to his owner, so we did.. but she was not home, ack. Came home, brought Ozzie back with us, and waited until later that afternoon.

We went back again later on in the afternoon, and knocked on the door, and she opened the door a few seconds later, she looked a bit surprised, but mum explained what had happened and she laughed and looked like she was about to cry when mum said we had her birdie. She went and got his nice clean cage, gave him fresh food and water, and I transfered him to it, he was really happy, you could see it, he ate, started banging on his bells, ate, and then went back to banging his bells again and etc etc.

The lady said that she had Ozzie in his cage outside, and she was cleaning it.. the phone had rang, and she left one of the cage doors opened and Ozzie had gone from the time she went and got the phone, to when she walked outside and realized what she done. Lucky he flew over to our house (of all places..) otherwise he would have gotten attacked by god knows what sort of bird, we have lots of crows around at the moment.

The next morning, she was at the bus stop across the road from my house and my brother was at the front waiting to be picked up to be dropped off at school, he spotted Ozzie's owner and went over there, I guess to ask about Ozzie, he came back over and told me that the lady said Ozzie had died sometime last night. She is not coping well either.

R.I.P Ozzie, you'll be dearly missed & your owner is heart broken without you.

Here's a few photos I took of Ozzie the same night we heard and found him, this was when he started perching again.

(the bleeding was coming from under the wing as well as the side)
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