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Default Yellow face?

My hubby and I were at the local Pet Supplies Plus last night to pick up feeder mice for our snake and they had a cage full of baby-baby budgies. All baby bars and some dark spots on thier beaks. My hubby and I both liked this 1 Yellow face. The body color I would say was a turquiose/very vivid sky blue. Very pretty. He/she kept scrambling to the front of the cage when we would get close. I thought I read somewhere yellow faces change color after thier first molt though? Is that true?

Also I was stumped on the sex. At first I thought I'm looking at a female since the cere wasn't a fleshy pink. They had 2 male/pink cere violets to compare too. After looking for a bit though the YF cere wasn't quite like the females either. It was a slightly blueish pink with no white rings? I have 2 boys now and would prefer to keep just boys. I'm considering going back to take another look. What do you think?