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Originally Posted by semih8semih View Post
Ok. Thanks for your answer. I have a question.
My male budgies father is dark eyed clear yellow,mother is DF spangle yellow.
Is that make any difference?
Yes, it does make a lot of differences. To get back DEC in the offsprings for the parents mentioned above, there must be the presence of a recessive pied gene. The mother has been proven by your past breeding that she is split for recessive pied. However, the male DEC offsprings already has a recessive gene and as such, can't be split for recessive pied not possible.

The other offspring (DF spangle) producing from this pair mentioned above is a mystery. Are you sure you differentiate correctly between DEC and DF Spangle. Please show pictures of their eyes (closeup).

DEC has dark eyes with no iris rings. DF spangle has white iris rings.