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Talking What Colour Chicks?

Heya guys!

I already made a thread asking questions about breeding, and now that I know quite a bit, I want to know the colour of my future fids!

The momma is white/blue and the dad is green/black/yellow. Mommy has an Iris Ring, so I think she is a Recessive Pied. In the pictures, mommy's colour is not so prominent as she does not allow me to take many pictures.

They have laid a clutch of 5 eggs, out of which one has hatched JUST yesterday. Check out my breeding journal too, I'm quite excited about it!!

Both the parent's are wild, but I am planning on removing the chicks everyday for a few minutes once they are 10 days old to get them used to humans.

So, can you guess the colours with the picutures attached?

Thanks in advance for your help, you guys are AMAZING!