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Originally Posted by atvchick95 View Post

blu is sea green not Normal sky blue - in order for it to be sea green he has to be a type 2 yellow face that is what makes a sky blue bird turn sea green
Blu is as I said it is. I have used the correct terminolgy. I am not sure if you are aware but there are three Yellowface mutations and they are in single and double factor form. They should not be (although the reference stills persists) referred to as Type 1 or Type 2. The designation of the word "Type" is used when referring to Dark Green split Blue linkage.

The word 'sea green' is not a correct name designation for any of the Yellowface mutations. It can be used as a way to describe the resultant colour.

If you look closely all Yellowface mutants will change the blue colouration to some degree. They have to. In order to understand Yellowfaces the first step to take is to stop thinking of them as blue birds with yellowfaces. They are green birds with reduced psittacine (yellow) pigment. It is the quantity of psittacine pigment which has mutated. The more that is lost the more blue the bird becomes.
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