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1. Lightens body colour by about 5-10 percent.
2. Cause body colour to be seen in the mantle. neck and wings.
3. Tail will loose colour from the base of the tail to varying degrees down the length of the tail.
4. The underwing stripe is extended to the point of it being visible from the top side and when the wing is folded and against the body you will see a small area of white or yellow referred to as a 'wing mirror'.
5. Removes melanin from the down making it show as snow white.
6. Has a tendancy to produce more melanin in the feathers making some specimens look extremely black in the markings.
Accept that some days you are the pigeon, and some days you are the statue.
Have bred all the currently recognised mutations including Brownwings, Darkwings, Saddleback, Faded and currently may have Dusk (to be confirmed).