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Originally Posted by Jimm-V View Post
Very precise explanation on the lacewing gene. Thanks, Ripbudgies.

I have a question. I have a cock who I know is split for cinnamon and ino. He is Destiny who is currently breeding with a hen, Jossy. Their 3 youngest pinkies already show cinnamon and albino with her features at few days old. My question is :
Will split for cinnamon and ino for a cock can have the combine Lacewing gene ? In other words, is there any chance my albino chicks turn Lacewings when she is fully feathered as adults ?
If Destiny has both Cinnamon and Ino on the same chromosome they will most likely be passed on together and hence you will breed Lacewing hens. If he has however the Cinnamon on one chromosome and the Ino on another he will pass on either one or the other unless 'cross over' occured. There is only a 3% chance of 'cross over' so rarely happens.

As babies the markings of Lacewings are quite pale and can be missed or misidentified as a badly marked Ino. Once they moult the markings will be Cinnamon. They also have pale violet cheek patches.

When recording the parentage a combination of the Cinnamon and Ino when on the same choromosome will recorded as such Cinnamon-Ino. The hypen denotes linkage. If they are on different chromosomes they are written simply as Cinnamon, Ino as they are separate from each other. As the Cinnamon-Ino linkage can be passed on as a true breeding mutation it gained the name Lacewing and this can be used instead of Cinnamon-Ino.
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