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Hey ATV!

I also searched for those articles last night, here are the links, they are part one and part two.

I had the same trouble finding it as you did, but finally one of the Google hits told where to find it, and then the link didn't work, and I had to copy and paste it in my browser, but once I found them, I added them to my favorites.

To answer your question about the "bleeding", yes, the Golden face does bleed into the body and turn the sky blue seafoam.

Part of the problem where people get confused about the yellow face genes, is because they think of them as "adding yellow" to blue birds. But what is really happening is that they are a mutation that damages the production of yellow, so they are really "taking away yellow" from green birds.

So a blue bird is really just a green bird that has damaged genes and can't make any yellow at all. And a yellow face bird is a green bird that has partially damaged genes, so it only makes SOME of the yellow. It ends up somewhere in between the green and the blue.

Oh, and also, I have a yf2 cobalt chick that is just starting to molt, so I will let you know what shade her body ends up being.