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Default Dominant Pied Sky Blue, right?

I just traded my breeding pair of zebra finches for a parakeet yesterday and have been looking in to what kind of parakeet he is. From looking online I have concluded that he must be a Dominant Pied Sky Blue. Does he appear to be? His wings are completely white, white patch on back of head, chest is sky blue with a white stripe across, this is what earned him the name Cumulus, as in the fair weather cloud seen in the sky (exactly what his chest looks like) his wings and tail are completely clear, only striping on his head and back of neck and back. I'm posting some pics to help decide. As far as I can tell there doesn't seem to be other mutations though of course I could be wrong.

He is turning out to be a good bird. The person I got him from had kids that took him out, he did try to bite the first day and occasionally has today, but I think he was scared moving to a new home, I use a perch to get him out of the cage and then he will step up on my hand after only working with him since yesterday, he bit hard at first but I took the bites and he learned that it doesnt do any good. He will sit on my shoulder and let me pet him and in the cage likes to sing a lot, think he will be a talker eventually. I'm planning on getting him very tame and loving, working with him every day. Anyway, I'm just curious if he is the mutation I think he is, I just think he's so gorgeous! I don't know that I'll ever try to breed him, for now just want him to bond to me and my daughter, but I like to know colors anyway.
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