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# I agree with genetics of numbers 1 and 3....but the 2nd bird appear to have a "brown" tinge to the wing feathers....could this be a sign of cinnamon Nev?

# The cost of hand-reared birds vary a lot between countries...we in South-Africa can (at most) get about R20 to R30 (i.e. 2.0 to 2.20 GBPounds equivalent), while sales in UK is at ~ 20GBP for a pet-type bird, and in the USA some can go for ~10 USD to ~20 USD (for hand-reared) it is not so easy to convert, if demand / scarcity vary so much it appears between these 3 countries!

Show-type birds, I'm sure will have higher sale-tag, but it's unlikely to be more than "double" that of the pet-type price....

...but when it comes to expert- /world-renowned breeders (that have been in SHOW-hobby for 20+ years)...then the price of show-type can rise to between R400 and R1,500 each (ZAR, rands), or 300GBP to 500GBP (UK prices)....

It's best to consult the local pet-store for competitive price checks or maybe TB-members like ATVchick (USA-based) can provide some pointers on what can be expected...

Good luck,