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Default Gradual Colour changing bird...

Hi All,

As promised in an earlier thread (refer "mystery bird from Dries",

...I took these recent pictures showing how one of my cock birds body colour almost keep on changing...not as often as weekly, but every "so often month" there's another varying colour pattern visible in the body colour....

Here at 7-weeks age:-

Here at 3 months (or a bit older,after 1st moult!):-


..and most recent at 9months:-


(he was a "New Year baby"!..he,he!)

In between at around 6-months he only had a single bright yellow-spot on the lower chest, this has now gone...and another 2 yellow-spots have since appeared, replacing the former ..with one spot above each hip!

Any idea(s) on what is happening here....will such changes continue, or is there a gene involved that causes such changes?

Any help will be good!

Enjoy,and stay well!

PS-Maybe me and Dries (that both do colony breeding)should stop confusing the TB members...but it's all fun and a learning experience!....thx!