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Originally Posted by Magic Birdie View Post
That is so cool! I knew budgies change colors after their first molt, but I never thought that would happen...!
Thanks Magic Birdie,
I was also very surprise when I started noticing these changes happen...but it's exciting...what will he look like next year this time, I wonder?....will post more pics, if any further change happens!

Originally Posted by JuliosMom View Post
What a beautiful bird!!
Thx! yes, he's close to being my favourite...funny his brother (closely resembling him) and sister do not have the same colouration effects...the hen is now a more "sea-green", but in full-body shade..!

..but you have a great looking yellow-face bird yourself, don't it just the one or more?

Originally Posted by apolline View Post
I love this post, and your bird. It's really pretty!
Originally Posted by Lisa P. View Post
Wow, what a pretty bird!
Thx Apolline/ Lisa! .. he's a good variation on my other birds...but I hoped the "vibrant cobalt blue" remain, like his brother...but hey, I enjoy them just as they turnout to be!!

..maybe he's a "mutation-within-a-mutation"...he, he!

Are there any other TB-birds out there having similar changes...why not post some of yours?!