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Default Dink Wasn't just a bird :(

My favorite budgie Dink just passed away. I don't know what happened he was fine this morning hopping around making noise with the other budgies. Then just a little while ago I found him on the bottom of the cage...

No one seems to understand, everyone just keeps telling me it was just a bird, I have four more of them and that at 35 I shouldn't be so upset over a bird and one friend even went so far as to say its not like it was a dog or anything... Dink was not just a bird!! he was my favorite and one of my first two budgies. I've had him for almost five years. Its not childish to be sad over loosing him I'm just as attached to my little guys as I am to my dog and cats! I just can't understand how they can say that!

and not only am I upset over loosing Dink I'm also afraid for my other birds as I have no idea what happened to Dink, I'm especially worried about Lily as I've had him just as long as Dink. Anyway I know I haven't been on this forum much (real life keeps me busy) But I figured if anyone would understand it would be the people here.

I'm going to miss Dink
These little guys are just like potato chips... You can never have just one! = 4 and counting