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FaeryBee 01-10-2014 12:31 PM

Macrorhabdus in Budgerigars//Avian Gastric Yeast
Macrorhabdus in Budgerigars

by Sharman Hoppes, DVM, ABVP-Avian
Pacific Veterinary Conference Speaker


Originally Posted by Jo Ann (Post 2134337)
Recently, last several years, Sodium Benzoate a preservative used in Soda, Is successfully being used in the treatment of megabac/ AGY in conjunction with Amphoteracin B, and antibiotics to catch secondary bacteria adding to the illness.
We have been using Sodium Benzoate for 3+- years with good results. We find that a budgie showing symptoms needs the Amphoteracin B to knock down often in conjunction with antibiotic like Baytril. Under stress this may appear again.

We now use Sodium Benzoate for the entire flock several times a year for up to a month with a hiatus between usage for breeding birds or in the case of excessive weather favoring fungus/ mildew etc. The problem that the fecal may not show can be confirmed by necropsy. In our bird the megabac had invaded most of the organ systems to such an extent that the bird would never be able to recover from the damage. Clean house keeping is a major help and careful watching on a birds weight variation by actual weight on a gram scale or by checking the ratio of chest muscle to keel bone. Feeding weight gain formula may help recovery when the gut is cleared enough to to allow the nutrition to be absorbed successfully. We like the theory that a flock may develop at least partial immunity with all possible precautions in effect. We never allow a bird on the floor of a flight for any length of time without a weight and observation stay in an isolation cage. We feed above the floor so birds on floor are eating scattered seed from feeders. We started working with our vet as a trial on a flock large enough to show some pattern. At this point , public recognition early in the process that a bird is ill, is in my opinion saving lives before the internal organs are destroyed. Adding an antibiotic to catch piggy back bacterial infection or perhaps the reverse bacteria opening the way for megabac. For us weight gain shows positive progress in individual birds, but there is still a lot of excess energy expended on intervention. We also use ACV with mother in drinking water. and Avitech acidic cleaner to break up and clean with F 10 To disinfect as it can dry and not be washed away. So for us Cleaning, nutrition, symptoms, long term persistence and finally intervention as needed is helping a lot but there seems a lot more to discover. The good thing about Sodium Benzoate is that it is cheap and is available without an RX on the internet from Amazon etc. Human grade quantity available for less than 20 dollars a pound.

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