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Caralit 05-03-2018 11:53 AM

My Art!
Hi guys! Decided to share two pieces of artwork I have recently done. I have tons more but still working on a lot of payment.

This first one is of my Blue Crowned Conure, Oure! I was testing out pen pressure with it, but also forgot to put my watermark.

This one has no exact character, it's just a doodle of a random creature when I was testing out Lineless art.

Cody 05-03-2018 04:29 PM

The artwork is not showing up in the post, did you post attachments or links?

Caralit 05-04-2018 11:59 AM

Oh it isn't? I did attachments.

RavensGryf 05-04-2018 12:13 PM

The best way to post pics is through a service such as Imgur. It’s free, easy, and works very well. We’d love to see your artwork!

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