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Rocketthebudgie 03-10-2016 07:35 PM

How do I know if little Rocket likes me?
Hi all just need a little guidance.
How do I know if my budgie likes me / sees me as family / sees me as her mum / loves me / trusts me?
There are a few things she does which I will list below. But sometimes I wonder if she she just puts up with me or sees me as her feeder rather than a companion or family. I find it really confusing to tell!
Also want to know this so I can figure out if she is ready for learning new things like talking, playing, tricks etc. I've had her for 6 months now.

What she does:
- Currently staying with my boyfriend for a little while, when I'm on the phone to him, he puts me on loud speaker and when I call her name or talk normally she chirps and tilts her head.
- She will hop up onto my finger but only if I am calm.
- She will eat millet if I hold it in front of her.
- She sometimes eats seeds/millet out of my hand... If she feels like it!
- After a few attempts she will sit on my shoulder as I walk around the house
- If I let her out to fly there have been occasions where she has landed on my head!
- After a little biting or moving away, she lets me scratch her neck.
- She allows me to gently 'bop' her nose with my nose although she will try and take a chunk of she's not in the mood!

All these are positive signs but sometimes she seems to be scared of me. If I put my hands on the cage she backs away and looks a little panicked. If I put my finger towards her slowly to try and give her a scratch she SOMETIMES will bite my finger (I have long nails so she just nibbled on those as her way of 'biting') and after giving her some time she suddenly realises having her neck scratched is quite nice! She won't hop on my finger if she is out (hanging on the pictures, lampshade, curtains) unless she is sat on cage and sometimes she will back off.

Any opinions or words of advice?
I also will be introducing another budgie in the summer and understand they can bond with each other so want to make sure she has an understanding that I am still family and not a predator.

Thanks in advance!

shanebudgie 03-10-2016 07:48 PM

:) Greetings and welcome to the forum.sounds like you're in the still earning her trust stages.I too have a female budgie and she can throw a temper at me for not paying attention to her or if I get to close.sometimes they can be the sweetest little bird and then suddenly bite ya or get a little scared.I think in time she'll get around to trusting you more.just be aware when she wants to be left alone,like when she opens her mouth at's just a sign to back off for awhile.offer her some yummy veggies and millet seeds at times.I talk with mine and let her watch tv lol.I hope you have great success with her.many blessings.:)

FaeryBee 03-10-2016 08:32 PM

Taming and bonding with a budgie is all about helping the bird learn to trust you.
It sounds as though you and Rocket are doing pretty well. :thumbsup:

You might want to look at the threads on positive reinforcement training and clicker training.

Working with her at a set time an a regular and consistent basis is best. Budgies like routine.

Rocketthebudgie 03-10-2016 08:39 PM

I did wonder whether it had anything to do with her being a little girl!
I use a lot of positive reinforcement like when she bites I don't suddenly pull away and scold her, also if she does seem annoyed I'll leave her be.
It's reassuring to know we're getting there I feel she just has mood swings with me

FaeryBee 03-10-2016 08:48 PM

With all budgies, they will have periods where they want to be "social" with you and other times when they prefer to be left alone (just like people!) Both genders can get a bit cranky when they are getting ready to molt (or are molting) and females often become more bitey when they are in condition.

Rocket is a beautiful little girl.

Even though Skipper and Scooter like to hang out on my chair sometimes, they also like to bite - HARD!
All three of mine are male.
I keep my hands away from them and let them perch on my arm, head or shoulder but if I want them to step up, I use a small dowel perch and have them step on that. ;)

Rocketthebudgie 03-11-2016 05:18 PM

That would make a lot of sense as Rocket is moulting a lot now! She gets screechy and cranky. How long does moulting last?

FaeryBee 03-11-2016 05:41 PM

The amount of time a molt lasts varies from bird to bird.

Offering egg food during a molt will help the feathers grow in healthy and shiny. (Due to the protein). More information is available in the following links:

shanebudgie 03-11-2016 06:01 PM

I had a parrot a long time ago.his shedding lasted 2 weeks.poor thing .I fed him egg food and soon he got a shiny coat.but as faerybee said.each birds molt is different.soon after rocket gets its full coat back should be back to normal.blessings :)

Island 03-11-2016 07:00 PM

Hi, if she lets you scratch her neck, that is a really good progress and I believe not all the budgies let you do so no matter how long you have the budgie and tame them. My Cloud lets me scratch his neck and head, only when he wants me to. He makes it very obvious by tilting his head to the side, opens his neck and fluffs up his head feathers when I put my finger close to his cheeks. If he does not want it, then he backs off. I think this does not mean he does not like me. He just do not want to be touched all the time, which is understandable. He also chirps every time I come back from work and sits on my finger and chatters for long periods of time when I talk or sing to him. You could also play music for your budgie and may even sing to her if you like singing. :) It is always good to talk to your budgie every time you walk by its cage, so she does not feel ignored. It takes time and patience to build trust. But budgies have different personalities like people, not every single one of them will act exactly the same. Some might like human interaction more than others and I think this does not mean they do not like/not trust you.

Rocketthebudgie 03-20-2016 04:14 PM


Originally Posted by FaeryBee (Post 3516418)
The amount of time a molt lasts varies from bird to bird.

Offering egg food during a molt will help the feathers grow in healthy and shiny. (Due to the protein). More information is available in the following links:

Hi thanks for the advice! I have actually been adding egg food to her seed a few weeks ago and she seems to love it. I also have this nutrient powder the vet gave me which I put a little of in her food. She has vitamin drops in her water as well. A very spoilt bird!!

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