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Bernard 04-18-2016 07:40 AM

Budgie scared of budgies
Hi everyone,
My budgie Sheik (a hand reared one-year-old) had never seen other budgies before yesterday. Because I work in the day time, I figured it would be good for him to have someone around. Also, I noticed him mating with his toys one day. So I informed my breeder and he said the best thing to do was to take him over there so he could choose his own mate. Only, when I took him there he was scared stiff of the other budgies even though I had taken his own cage. We put many female birds with him at different times but he just escaped from all of them. Then the breeder told me that my bird is just too stressed to choose a hen. So he gave me a hen to take home. He said maybe my bird would be more cocky on his own turf. He also said that if they dont get along I should take the female back to him after a week. My birds are always free at home and the problem is that Sheik is so frightened of the new hen that he just flies in the other rooms. When I take him to her he hides behind my neck. When she flies he gets terrified and escapes into the other room. She seems very nice and calm though.
How can I help them build a relationship?
Please keep in mind that Sheik has never seen other birds.

aluz 04-18-2016 09:00 AM

Hi there,

I'm sorry your Sheik is having problems in connecting with his new budgie friend.
Unfortunately, your Sheik's behaviour is perfectly understandable due to the way he was raised. When he was having issues with his late weaning and anxiety, you have been advised multiple times to get Sheik a same species friend so that this friend could teach Sheik to be a bird and to help out in terms of socialization.

At the present time, it's going to be more difficult for Sheik to accept a same species friend and it's not guaranteed that he will be able to truly bond with a budgie friend.

Still, the presence of another budgie in the house can in the long run be beneficial to Sheik and while it may take a long time, there is still hope that he will be receptive to a potential budgie friend.

Due to Sheik's special personality, I think it would be best for you to get him a young male budgie. This would prevent any breeding mishaps and Sheik may not be receptive to the more bossy or moody attitude that female budgies can at times display.

Also it wasn't a good idea to take Sheik to visit the breeder's house and have him in contact with other budgies. Quarantine practices should be made before introducing any new bird. This link has the detailed info on this matter:

This one may also be helpful:

Bernard 04-18-2016 09:28 AM

Thank you very much. I really hope he can bond with his own kind as I feel he is missing out on so much.

FaeryBee 04-18-2016 10:56 AM

I don't think the advice the breeder gave you was at all appropriate.

Poor little Sheik had never even seen another budgie and suddenly the breeder is thrusting multiple birds he's never seen before at him.
No wonder the poor little guy was terrified!
Think how you would feel if you'd never seen another human being in your life and suddenly were forced into "meeting" multiple ones with no choice in the matter. :(

Did you and the breeder both forget about the importance of quarantine?
Do you really think it was a good idea to expose a budgie that had never been around other birds to a multitude of birds and who knows what kind of potential disease?
This goes against everything this forum promotes with regard to best practices for the health and well-being of budgies.

May I ask why if you were planning to introduce Sheik to another budgie, you didn't ask for advice from the forum prior to doing so?
Asking knowledgeable and experienced members of the forum for advice would have saved little Sheik being put through unnecessary trauma.
I recall that you were given advice many times in the past suggesting the importance of allowing Sheik a same species friend to help him learn to be a bird.
It would have been better for Sheik had this taken place when he was much younger.
Now, after this recent experience, it may take Sheik even longer to be able to accept a friend of his own kind.

My personal recommendation would be for you to return the female to the breeder.
Look for a young laid-back, non-aggressive, easy-going male companion and be sure you quarantine it in a separate cage in a separate room of your home.

Then, use the information in the links aluz provided to you to introduce the two budgies appropriately.

Budget baby 04-18-2016 11:36 PM

Hi Bernard I have Budget who is hand raised and in the same predicament as Sheik.
I definitely would not get a female as a friend for him, I have since got another two budgies both males.
Budget did not know how to interact, or behave around them at all. He to was very scared but now thy are all friends Budget still has his own cage and visits the others frequently but he still is my boy and chooses me before the other birds.
I would get a male budgie keep it in another room for quarantine then slowly introduce them allow sheik to hear and talk back. Budget talks to the other birds in human talk a lot, but he now will use budgie sounds as well when with them. Remember Sheik thinks and knows nothing about being a bird, it will take time but I am sure they can become friends. Take care.:green pied:

Bernard 04-20-2016 08:14 AM

You're right Deborah, this whole endeavor has been a disaster. I can only blame myself. But I just want you to know that there are some people on youtube who specifically tell you to hand rear chicks rather than get a mature, 2-month-old bird. At first I thought the right thing to do would be that. The breeder also was not very helpful. He seems to have outdated knowledge. But I don't mean to project my mistakes. I made the mistake. I just thought Sheik wanted to mate. It is spring and he seemed to have become more energetic. But if he is just fine with us then I'll just give the female back. I noticed him bobbing his head towards her yesterday. I got hopeful that they had connected. But after that he kept away from her and prefered to be in another room again.

Also thank you Cathy for sharing your experience with me. Sheik seems to resemble Budget in many ways.

Jo Ann 04-20-2016 04:12 PM

Excellent guidance Above. We humans must understand that when a young budgie is ripped away from its flock it looses a critical step in socialization.
Young budgies need to relate to older flock leaders and flock menbers. so they can learn to be budgies. They may bond with humans as well but humans are not birds. A budgie need to be a budgie and it needs to be taught by adult budgies preferably males as the hen passes care to the cock when the chick leaves the nest . Best wishes. Jo Ann:Love birds:

StarlingWings 04-20-2016 08:45 PM


I think it would be beneficial to give Sheik a friend so he's not completely confused around birds. With time, he may even enjoy a friend, although due to his special situation he may never truly bond with him.

I'm glad you're giving the female back, he definitely didn't know what to do! :rolleyes:

Perhaps a young male will help him to develop at least some of the necessary behaviours he was unable to cultivate from birth.

It's nice for you to think of your little one's well being so thoroughly now that he's been with you! :hug:

FaeryBee 04-20-2016 10:16 PM

I do understand that there is a lot of advice out on the internet that isn't what we advocate on this forum and it's often hard to determine what one should do.

I know you have Sheik's best-interests at heart and are trying to find a way to make sure he stays healthy and happy. :)
I truly think returning the female, getting a male and introducing the two budgies very slowly will be a good plan for you.

Please be sure to update us on how things progress.
We'd love to see some pictures :photo: of Sheik if you have some you'd like to share.

Best wishes

shanebudgie 04-20-2016 10:32 PM

I hope things go well very soon for you and we're if you need us.sending comforting prayers for you.blessings :green pied:

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