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carmio 03-30-2017 11:05 AM

very loud budgie?
My budgie Bob is a very calm and very sweet bird most of the time, but during the time from around 10am till 5-6pm he will not tolerate me watching tv or listening to music near him, he doesn't like it when I talk on the phone either. I know hes supposed to make noise, but I find it weird that its only in this period of time, and its not like hes making nice noises, its like yelling very loudly. After 6pm though, he will happily let me watch tv without reacting to it with very loud noises, it will only be him singing or chirping.
I'm not sure if this is normal, but I do know that I don't enjoy this very loud noise, as it gives me a headache.

Is this normal, acceptable behaviour? I can't exactly scold him for this screaming, so I try to ignore it.
One thing that comes to mind is that he might be very restless, as he has not really been out of his cage since I got him in january. This is because he isnt fully comfortable around me, and I find it hard to get him back in his cage. I did try to let him out once, but it became very traumatic for me and him when I had to get him back in the cage. In the end I unfortunately had to catch him with a towel, which both me and him didnt enjoy. :sad:

aluz 03-30-2017 11:58 AM

Is the loud noise you are referring to the long ack-ack-ack screeching sound that budgies can make? When he is doing that, does he seem anxious as in exhibiting stressful agitation? Does it look like that he is trying to reach out to you, asking for attention?

By observing your budgie's behaviour, the way he acts, his body language and the behavioural patterns when he reacts to the stimuli given by your voice when talking over the phone, the music from the radio and the sound from the TV, you will be able to reach a conclusion and to work with your budgie if something is truly in need to be properly addressed and corrected.

Generally speaking, budgies and other species of pet birds respond very positively to background noise coming from the TV or radio, they will happily and excitedly sing along it and in their enthusiasm can even get louder than the actual TV/radio. For example, turning the volume up on the TV is a challenge our birds will happily accept and try to beat.

If after having analysed your budgie's behaviour and taken in account the context of the different situations, you realize that his behaviour is linked to a need of attention, of lacking an environment where he can mentally flourish by having different playful activities, of having a safe place where he can fly, exercise and spend the pent up energy, then you can work on making some changes that help your budgie in the long run.

First step would be to reconnect with your budgie and to commit to spend daily quality time with him to keep the bond going with the goal of a decent level of tameness.
I don't know how big his current cage is, but given the fact he hasn't been allowed out since January, having a large cage where he can fly, a cage that has plenty of toys for your budgie to be busy is equally important.

Once your budgie is more trusting of you, he will also greatly benefit from spending out of cage time in a bird proofed room.

You will find detailed information on training and forming a long-lasting bond by reading the information on the stickies at the top of the Taming and Bonding section's main page.

Good luck! :)

SouthernFried 03-30-2017 05:55 PM

Great advice from aluz. I have six budgies and they can be deafening, especially when trying to watch TV or read out loud to the kids. I have one budgie in particular, Piccolo, who is much much louder than all the others combined. Every budgie is different. :)
Like aluz mentioned, if he's not acting anxious or anything, he's probably just a loud budgie with a big personality.

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