Is my little boy going through teenage years? Or is he just aggressive ? - Talk Budgies Forums

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Old 04-26-2017, 11:52 PM
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Default Is my little boy going through teenage years? Or is he just aggressive ?

So I have my beautiful blue pied Tundra that I love to pieces. He is very smart, inquisitive, playful...but FIESTY.

Him sitting (he's on the right) with Genevieve: Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

He is almost 7 months now. When I first got him I remember out of all my budgies he is the only one who bit as a baby. We moved past it - I'd give him seeds whenever he'd sit on my finger like a good boy, increased the length of time he had to sit well behaved and would reward him and it paid off. He's a lovely outgoing little guy who runs to the front of the cage to greet me daily. He is completely tame with me and all the members of my family.
Occasionally he will nip but not often. Only if you say, tough his food dish by accident. Or more your nose very close to his face - he may bite your nose, or sometimes he does kisses.

In the last month or so he is more aggressive (not with me though). He doesn't like to share his food except with Tiki. He gets mad. He doens't like to share toys or perches (he will to an extent with Tiki).

He and Tiki are best friends but even so when Tiki leans in to help him preen he opens his beak at tiki. He doesn't like anyone to be close unless Tiki and him are occasionally feeding each other.

He is very feisty, very territorial (although not with me, he steps up if I put my hand in the cage), but also incredibly playful and Tiki loves him. They bounce around outside the cage together and play and fly around. While they get along, Tundra does not like the females and will sometimes annoy them or cause fights. He doesn't seek them out to bully, it's if they are in his space or, again on his food or toy/ perch. He will pull at their tails if they are in front of him. He has never gone for feet. But will lunge at their faces sometimes or backs if they get close.

The other day I put him in his own little cage as I want him to cool down and reset before I introduce him again - which could be months. I feel he is a bit too aggressive at the moment.

Will he outgrow this time? Or is this my little guy? We love him no matter what- he is great fun and a member of our family. Today I was training him to fly off my finger, do a circle and fly back to me. He's so very smart.

I also have been considering breeding budgies next year (I'm doing extensive research currently and have been for months now) but I feel that with his aggression he may not be suited to being one of my breeding males. I've heard aggressive ones could injure their mates or their babies.

Anyway, my question is do aggressive teenage boys every become more well behaved adult males?

Thanks so much for reading.


Stupid me missed this sticky somehow:

He's always been a bit feisty, but nowadays it seems magnified. Lol

How can I can I support him best through this time? Any tips most welcome.

Last edited by midoritori; 04-27-2017 at 12:30 AM.
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Old 04-27-2017, 04:47 AM
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None of my budgies have gone overly aggressive during heightened periods of hormones so it might just be his personality. I would house him alone on a permanent basis and allow him to have play time with Tiki. As he seems to be intelligent and likes to learn and play you can keep him alone and focus on more tricks and things.

If you do breed the other budgies (I think Tundra is a no) be certain to make sure he is never allowed to harass the parents (i don't know how you're planning to have the rooms set up).
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