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kk2 07-05-2017 04:13 AM

biting budgie
hey guys,
my budgie has been doing this type of behavior ever since she has came it is not really like everyday and its not even serious but i wanted to know why she does it so i can understand what she means. like today i was just talking to her and she usually likes to come forward and touch her beak to my lips and listen and she she even bobs her head up and down dilating her pupils but all of a sudden she ends up biting i want to know why she is doing this other than that she is well bonded to everyone.

Thanks for the help:):)

kzaz 07-08-2017 06:31 PM


Your budgie may just be curious, especially if they are young.
As long as it isn't really aggressive I wouldn't worry.

Respect the budgies boundaries and pay attention to their body language and what they're doing. If you look on the forums or google 'budgie behaviour' this may help.

If it is aggressive it could be for a number of reasons from being hormonal to being protective over something in there cage.

Follow the budgie health tips on the site and make sure to provide him with toys.

This forums a great help and there's many articles with advice?

How long have you had them, how old are they and are they a boy or a girl? All of this could factor in to why your little budgie might be nipping.



FaeryBee 07-08-2017 09:48 PM

The information in the links below may be helpful for you:

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