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farhann 12-05-2017 04:23 AM

Budgie pair not bonding
My budgies(17 month old female(light green recessive pied cinnamon) and 13 month old male(sky blue violet fallow)) have been together for 7 months and are not yet bonded with each other. Should i leave them as they are or try to get a new female for the male ?

FaeryBee 12-05-2017 08:08 AM

Do the the two budgies get along with one another?
What do you mean they are not "bonding"?

Not all budgies are "close" in that they want to preen one another or play together but they can very happily co-exist in one cage.

If you are asking because you want them to breed, then there is a whole different set of questions that will need to be addressed prior to answering that query. :)

Therm 12-05-2017 02:48 PM

If your birds get along and are content then there's no reason to be making any changes.

farhann 12-06-2017 01:38 AM

They dont interact with each other and they behave as if the other one doesn't exist.

iHeartPieds 12-06-2017 04:25 AM

This has already been addressed in your previous post Weird Budgies !!!

JRS 12-06-2017 05:13 AM

Different birds have different personalities just like us.
They simply sound to be placid natured birds.
Just because they’re not directly interacting, it doesn’t mean that they dislike each other; they can still enjoy the company and security of having a budgie housemate.
The fact that they are not squabbling or harassing each other, makes me feel that they ARE suited to each other. If you’re a quiet person, you are unlikely to want a whirlwind extroverted person sharing your space! :)

FaeryBee 12-06-2017 10:26 AM

Your question has now been adequately addressed in both threads.

We ask that you refrain from making multiple threads on the same topic.

This thread is now closed.

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