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katsuke 03-06-2018 08:51 AM

Enjoying head brushing but suddenly bites
So my budgie Archer has started molting about a week ago. There's still some pin feathers on top of his head. A friend suggested I brush my finger around his feathers to help, since Archer is a lone budgie.

At first he seemed to enjoy it, he puffs his face feathers up and starts tilting his head kinda like here :

He was okay with it for the following days, but as I was playing music in my room one day while brushing his head feathers, the music skipped and suddenly had like a rather loud burst of volume so Archer suddenly started biting ferociously at my finger. I gave him a small blow and held my finger out at his beak again, and blew after he tried to bite again. He then stopped biting after I put my finger in front of him again.

But, it was a pretty painful bite. Actually bled a bit. Is it normal for budgies to become aggressive when there's loud noises? Or is it because I might have brushed a pin feather against his flesh that hurt him or something?
Maybe I shouldn't try to brush against his pin feathers? How will he get rid of the ones on top of his head?

FaeryBee 03-06-2018 09:15 AM

Budgies have no real way to express their displeasure with something without biting.

There is no real way for us to know which scenario caused Archie's reaction.

The music skipping may have resulted in Archie being startled which caused his reaction of biting.

However, it's just as likely that you hit a pin feather when rubbing his head that hurt when you rubbed against it.
(I rub my lovebird's head/neck and anytime I hit a pinfeather in a way that causes him discomfort he lets me know by biting!)

When Archie is happy having his head rubbed, then you can accommodate him. If he starts to pull away, then stop and let him have some space.

Solo birds whose owners are unable to run their heads' pin-feathers take care of them on their own by rubbing their head against toys, perches, parts of the cage and scratching.

You can offer Archie a shallow dish of water to see if he'd like to bathe.

Additionally, some budgies enjoy being very lightly misted with room temperature water.
Do NOT squirt the water directly on the budgie.
Aim it up into the air and let the water mist settle down over the budgie gently.
You should be able to easily tell if he likes it or doesn't want any part of it.

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