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fitchefz 06-21-2018 02:57 PM

Socializing young baby, at I expecting too much?
“Am I expecting too much”.

Brought my sweet 2month old baby boy home the other day. He’s doing extremely well. I am just wondering if these birds can ever be brought to the point of where they can be shoulder birds and brought around the house so to speak, or even outside. Beyond that am I wasting my time thinking I will “socialize” my baby by exposing him to all kinds of things similar to raising a puppy? Vacuum noise, dogs barking, outside, inside, in a car, travel cage, etc? So far just after a day my baby steps up and eats from my hand. I’m blown away by how calm he is and still having trouble believing something so small can be so smart! For instance i was holding him last night and eating a salad. I let him try a piece of plain lettuce before I took my bite, he ignored it. After seeing me eat I tried again and he mouthed it! Anyway any help is appreciated.

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Blingy 06-21-2018 07:54 PM

Hi there and welcome. You are definitely not expecting too much, but keep in mind that every budgie is different. Some love to interact with people, while others prefer to do their own thing. It's a lot easier to tame a single bird though, as the bird will likely bond to you and see you as its flock. This doesn't happen on its own though and you need to put in a lot of consistent work. At this stage, it's too soon to be doing anything with your budgie apart from the essentials, like cleaning the cage, changing food and water etc. The budgie needs time to settle in and get used to its new home (we recommend 2 weeks). Your bird might seem relaxed with being handled now, but in reality he/she is likely being submissive out of fear. During this settling in period, you can sit beside the cage and talk calmly to your budgie, or sing to him/her. Covering the top and three sides of the cage will help the budgie to feel more secure. You'll find some great resources in the 'taming and bonding' section of the forum for when you're ready to move onto that.

It's a great idea to get your budgie used to the household noises (like the vacuum), but do it carefully, starting from a distance and in short spurts. This will help the budgie to be more well adjusted. You want him/her to think all these sounds are normal and not panic whenever the vacuum starts or the phone rings.

It's essential that you have another cage, for taking your budgie to the vet. It's great if you can get your budgie used to this cage/carrier ahead of time and feel safe in it.

Check out all the stickies at the top of each sub forum and do as much research as possible. There's a wealth of fantastic, up to date information here on the best care for budgies. Of course, don't hesitate to ask if you have any questions as we're always happy to help. When he/she has settled in, we'd love to see pics of your sweet budgie too.

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RavensGryf 06-28-2018 01:30 PM

Good advice from Kellie above :). Talk Budgies advocates only taking your bird outdoors in a secure cage, and under supervision. They are far too small to be safe outside otherwise, and even birds with clipped wings can fly surprisingly well if startled, even with a light breeze or no breeze.

Provide cover on one end of the cage, for the birds to escape direct sun, and always remember to check water for evaporation in the heat.

We advise not leaving budgies unattended outdoors (even though in a cage). You’d be surprised at how often it’s heard of where a cat or other predatory animal got their paw inside the cage (even 1/2” bar spacing) and either seriously injured or killed the bird. Seems unlikely or impossible, but unfortunately it’s not.

Also remember budgies being birds are ‘prey animals’, and is a bit different from socializing dogs and puppies. Watch your bird’s body language, and always respect their boundaries. It can take many months of consistency to tame and socialize a ‘wild’ budgie to their fullest potential. Then keep in mind, some budgies tend to tame more than others.

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