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sdodo 08-20-2018 12:32 AM

Kiger begging pippin to feed him
I mentioned this in my training thread but i thought it might be best to actually ask about it here.
Anyway lately I've noticed kiger making a cheeping sound right around when pip feeds him. He is also crouched with his head up. Pip then feeds kiger. Now kiger os an adult male, at least 2 years old. He has been on a special diet due to overeating behavior that brought his usual 28g weight to 42g. Kiger does still eat on his own and im going to check again tomorrow but weights for both kiger and pip are holding at 33g and 30g respectively.
My main thing is, should i worry? Should i switch things up so that kiger and pip are seperated? That wouldnt be an easy task to do but thats what spare cages are for...
Finally how wierd is this behavior?

Sorry if this counts as double posting...i can edit my training thread if it does...

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FaeryBee 08-21-2018 10:08 AM

It isn't worrying behavior overall, however, it sounds as though Kiger has figured out how to get "extra" food by begging Pip to feed him.
As long as each are maintaining their healthy weights, then it's no cause for worry.
However, if Kiger starts gaining and Pip starts losing weight, then you'll need to separate them at that time.

I had one budgie that was constantly feeding all the others to his own detriment.
He finally stopped but when it was happening I was concerned and ready to cage him separately to ensure he didn't become too thin and mal-nourished from feeding the others.

Good luck with Kiger and Pip and let us know how things progress.

sdodo 08-21-2018 01:21 PM

That does help thank you.

I do have to give kiger credit, he is a clever little thing. Not shure how he learned this method of getting pip to feed him but it works. I do wonder if it reflects on pippins role in the colony breeding situation he came from. Its just a passing thought.

I will keep a close eye on weights. I think i have an idea on how to switch up who is with who and not cause total chaos but that will only be if i need to separate these two. Dynamics are as such that it might make things worse if im not carful so I'd rather not go there.
Thank you!

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FaeryBee 08-21-2018 05:20 PM

You're very welcome. :hug:

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