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BudgieMin 07-08-2019 03:22 PM

New female budgie aggressive towards current male? Do I have to return her?
Hello good day everyone. I've been having a situation which has been causing me severe stress and anxiety for the past few days involving my new female budgie Annabeth (3 and a half months it seems and currently molting,but very active) ,and my older male budgie Percy (1 year 6 months,also molting).

I got Annabeth from the same pet shop as Percy. I had seen her in pictures before,and really liked her,but when I went the day to view her she looked like she was being pushed off the perches by other birds in the overcrowded cage and she was pecking back at them,and they her.

I felt bad for her and thought I could rescue her and get the new companion for Percy I was looking for,for months.

Fast forward to finishing 45 days of quarantine,and I let them meet for the first time. I knew I had to let them first meet in their separate cages at first before letting them out on neutral territory. However,my father let my male budgie out and, my male budgie immediately jumped on to the top of her cage and kind of lunged at her through the bars,as she was climbing frantically along the sides to try and get out to meet him.

I believe I put him back in until he calmed down and then took them both out. The meeting from then on was very bipolar,sometimes Percy would try to excitedly sing to her while she was exploring and she would peck at him,and then when Percy flew away to be left alone she would try to follow him.

Whenever she does try to follow him she lunges at him. Sometimes,it seems to be his fault as he is constantly trying to sing to her while she is exploring.

Even on the neutral territory of a playgym I provided there was enough food and millet,and she still lunged over food,although sometimes Percy may have been too up in her face with happy singing.

They did do this happy beak tapping greeting once,over the course of the 4 hours they were out.

Throughout this time,they showed keen interest in each others cages,and Annabeth kept trying to get inside Percy's cage (but she doesn't know how) and was just walking along on the roof of it,and sometimes Percy would lunge at her from below as he was inside (he is a bit cage territorial). However when she fell asleep on top of his cage,he just stopped and watched her.

He actually also managed to fly into Annabeth's new big cage (which I intended to house them together in) but this was before I had a chance to rearrange it as I wanted them to meet in neutral territory first. Annabeth managed to get back inside and started chasing him and trying to peck him. He wasn't always scared,sometimes he was singing and hopping away,and he gave great difficulty to come out.

I finally managed to separate them once more,but Annabeth still anxiously paces along the side of her cage where Percy's cage is located to get his attention,which he sometimes ignores,but sometimes gets curious and happy to see her.

On the 2nd day,it was much of the same nonsense. But I managed to rearrange Annabeth's cage the day before,so if another incident where he managed to get in happened,perhaps she wouldn't be so territorial.

This time Percy was being more friendly,and perhaps annoying her a bit when he was constantly trying to sing to her while she kept jumping on top of both their cages and biting and exploring.

However,whenever Percy would get tired of her lunging,and just wanted to hang out with her normally,I would just step him up to remove him,and she looked up curiously and came flying after him,trying to get onto the same hand that Percy was on even though I extended another. Perhaps seeing as I was feeding him millet. She keeps flying and pacing after him in her cage,but when she gets to him just lunges at him for the most part and doesn't want to share food.

Surprisingly she seems very interested in his cage (almost like a tiny home invader),getting in to explore it,chewing on all his things and eating out of his bowls,and I was shocked to see Percy who is usually so aggressive,happily sharing his stuff.Shockingly though,she pecks at him in his own cage.

I separated them for a while and she heard Percy singing outside the other day,and she kept contact calling louder and louder,and to my shock the minute I turned around she managed to escape and was flying towards me and ended up almost out the door! She was trying to fly to Percy and his singing it seems.

Today,I just carried them upstairs (separately) in Percy's small carrier cage to let them out to fly in a different room. Surprisingly,the same excited pacing she does back and forth for what I thought was Percy,was also just for his cage alone? Even after I showed her the cage was completely empty.

I took her upstairs and got her out to fly with Percy,but the whole time it was literally him just trying to sing to her or even just get closer to her normally and she would lunge at him while she was sitting around or trying to explore.

When Percy and her were in his small carrier cage,just sitting together,she would peck at him in his own house,eating out of his food bowl,preventing him from eating,even though there were two other bowls. (She exhibited the same behaviour in her own flight cage which I want to move them into)

I even held up one of bowl for him to eat from while she was eating from her own,and she kept peeking at him mid eating,and then finally stepped toward him and he ran away from her,scared.

Just today they finally decided to close their eyes and sleep a little distance away from each other in the carrier cage,him sitting in a perch in front of her,and she just opened her eyes,while he was sleeping and lunged at him! (I read in an article here that this is a bit of a dirty move?)

Finally he did stand his ground,and pecked back at her when she tried to interact with him,though this was when she tried to be friendly I think? (Though it did look like pecking,I think she was trying to tap his beak but failed and they ended up beak fighting)

They did fall asleep near to each other and preened next to each other,with a little distance between them peacefully though.

I don't believe she is always trying to be bad though,as my female budgie is kind of a food hog,and just has a tendency to chew and bite at every new thing that comes her way (including hands,and very painfully so),and she is very brave.

Their interactions are just very bipolar and stress inducing. When one wants to interact,the other doesn't and vice versa. The male budgie seems far more friendly now,though initially he was angry.

All I wanted was a companion for my boy,as I have been very busy at university,and for him to not feel scared and alone at nights or when there are fireworks. He was getting along well as a single budgie,but I thought his obsession with his bells was becoming far too great and he needed a proper,real friend. I wanted to house them in the 30x18x18" cage I have her in,but I'm not sure now.

I wanted advice on if this is normal and what course of action to take? I've read many articles,but this is still very stressful. I know the recommendation is to house them in two separate cages,but I truly,truly wanted a friend for my boy to play and share a cage with,and I'd much rather just exchange her though I'd feel heartless doing so,as it was a very crowded cage.

I feel like an idiot trying to help a budgie though I vowed not to support such places (it wasn't a big box pet store,just a small one with uneducated owners).

I know there is no guarantee a next budgie will get along with him,but I feel there is a higher chance of a male being a better friend,as I've read so often on the forums. I just want him to have a nice same species friend,though I'll be a bit sad if he no longer talks.

Will them getting along take more time or is it just a personality issue I can't change? As I speak,she is frantically climbing the side of the cage to get to him,not seemingly aggressive honestly,but when she does get close to him it takes that turn,perhaps cause he annoys her. Please help!

(I want to know if it's too soon to take action and return my new semi-tame female budgie as my male and her have only known each other for about 4 days now,but their constant fighting is giving me stress and anxiety-the bickering seems to heavily outweigh whatever happy times they have.)

Obsidian 07-08-2019 10:47 PM

As long as there is no real biting, I say wait it out. Hens are the bossy ones and they just need to figure pecking order so to speak.
I got a male for my girls awhile back, they have been together about three weeks now. They were the same as yours, he was always in her face and she would strike at him.
They are still working things out but they now eat and preen together and are starting to preen each other.

I did however have to separate one of the girls, a trio wasn't working and the odd one out was being bullied.

BudgieMin 07-10-2019 07:49 PM

Thank you for your help,how long did it take for them to preen each other and get along? And was there ever any food chasing between your budgies?

Obsidian 07-11-2019 06:44 AM

It took a couple weeks for preening and there is still some chasing. I don't worry as long as it isn't violent and the male is getting to eat enough.
Sometimes he has to wait his turn or go to a different dish. Both are molting so they are a bit irritable.

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