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Budgielovinpixi 06-02-2017 01:17 AM

If you were asked to breed for a locally owned pet store, what would your response be
I put a couple of the budgies from my last clutch up for adoption via a local site. I was then contacted by a locally owned small pet store asking if I would consider breeding budgies for them; not on any sort of schedule, or any requirements of color etc, just simply that if I bred mine and had any extras that I wasn't keeping, that I contact them to place them.

What would your feelings about this be? I'm very familiar with the pet store and it is well liked and trustworthy, but I'm not sure if this would be better or worse than adopting them out myself. (Note: it's not like I'm breeding tons. I have bred three clutches in the past year, and I kept them all until they were over 3 months and I could determine gender and then decided to adopt a couple of them out).

Therm 06-02-2017 04:02 AM

Local small businesses are better than big brand pet stores.
The chances of someone buying a budgie and not wanting it in the future sadly don't change regarding where they come from.

One of the local pet shops I had used before had a form you had to fill out when ever anyone purchased an animal from them.
It was to say you had checked the animal and pretty much it was to stop them getting into any issues should you try and claim any harm or damage came to you from an animal bought by them, which was smart enough.
Yet, despite their policies, I still found their pet bird (specifically budgies) care questionable and found they were incredibly unhelpful when confronted about it.

So, although a place can look very good on the surface, they can still fail to meet your own requirements. You also have to remember that most stores aren't going to have the same standards as true bird lovers have.

If I were breeding, I would be happy to go with this arrangement, if I knew it was a well respected pet shop that I felt happy with and if I were going to sell them anyway.

Cody 06-02-2017 10:14 AM

I would want to know what their policy is on returning birds. Many breeders will take a bird back if the purchaser decides it's not a good fit so what is the policy of the pet shop. I would also want to know how well they counsel or screen a potential buyer or will they sell to anyone no questions asked.
This is why I could never breed, I would end up keeping all of them.:biggrin1:

justmoira 06-02-2017 10:55 AM

No, I don't breed my budgies. However, I would work with the store to try and set up some sort of rescue budgie location; birds that need homes could be brought there and sold instead of new babies with a run down on real proper budgie care and such.

Budgielovinpixi 06-02-2017 10:21 PM

Thanks for the advice! You've identified some of my concerns; the few birds I adopted out, I advised the owners to please bring them back to me if they could ever not care for them.

I'm also a real stickler about diet; my birds are all veggie fed and I really wanted the ones I was adopting out to be fed that way, so I was careful about looking for signs of interest in the food and how to prepare it. I know there aren't any guarantees, but you try and cover your bases!

The idea of working with them in a rescue capacity is interesting. I already have two rescues and the SPCA that call me whenever they have budgies or tiels surrendered, and that is where the majority of my flock has come from. I wonder if they would be interested in older birds? I'll talk to them about it!

Note to add: I do not breed any of my rescue budgies, as i often have no confirmation of their age or relations. I have a couple of pairs that I have purchased myself that I have that information for and they are the only ones I breed.

JRS 06-03-2017 06:01 AM

You obviously have more control by selling the birds yourself.

Ask yourself - If a shopper went into the store, as a first time budgie owner to be, and asked for advice on budgie care, housing & diet, would you be confident that the store would give answers that you'd be happy with? Does the store sell tiny cages, sandpaper perch covers etc?

If you're easily managing to sell the birds yourself then I'd keep doing so, as the opportunity you have to educate new owners, is so valuable, (that said, it's true that many owners will slacken from initial good intentions, some will even outright lie just to get the bird. Other than offering to take the bird back, there's nothing you can do about this, but at least you can rest assured that you have done your part in providing good information).

If you sometimes struggle to find new homes for your birds, then maybe you could agree with the shop, that they always give your information leaflet out to buyers.

A better option may be to simply advertise in the shop. The shop would likely still get sales from housing, accessories, foods etc, but you could get to meet, vet & educate the potential owners.

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