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NoUserNamesLeft 04-04-2018 04:41 AM

Babies not eating!
So two of my three babies aren't eating.

I have done plenty of research but these are still my first time hand raising birds. So I lack the experience needed with this issue.

They were all taken out around 3 weeks. They have been getting fed every 4 hoursish with a long break over night. So I have been doing everything right as far as by the book.

Like I said they pretty much refuse to eat anything at any point during the day. I have been atleast forcing them to eat a tiny tiny amount.

What could be the cause of my issue and how could I fix this?

Extra info,
Had them for about 5 days
Tried spoon and syringe.

FaeryBee 04-04-2018 09:49 AM

Budgies can easily be socialized to be handled by humans without being removed from their parents.
In fact, allowing the budgies to remain with the parents is much healthier form them both physically and emotionally.

Please refer to the information in this thread:

Why specifically did you decide to remove the clutch from the parents for hand feeding rather than simply co-parenting them?

Did you read all of the Budgie Articles and Stickies regarding Breeding in the Talk Budgies Forums before deciding to pull the chicks?

Please refer to the information in this article:
Budgie Hand Feeding and Weaning Guide

NoUserNamesLeft 04-05-2018 06:00 AM

Yep. Answered my question

RavensGryf 04-07-2018 12:48 PM

Please keep us posted, let us know how it goes! Good luck.. if you need anything after reading the links just ask.

NoUserNamesLeft 04-08-2018 03:04 AM

We ended up trying them on seeds with okay results. They pick at it during the day.

The other baby has started feeding the other two straight after we feed her.

So between the seeds and the baby mum they seem to be eating all they need to throughout the day.

PoukieBear 04-09-2018 09:44 AM

You'll likely want to invest in a digital scale, and keep track of each babies weight at the beginning of every day.

Just because they look like they are picking at the seed, doesn't mean they are eating it, or getting enough of it to sustain themselves.

Relying on one of the babies to feed the other two is NOT a good idea. That poor baby is not going to have enough energy or food or experience to keep feeding the other two. This is a disaster waiting to happen.

If at all possible, I would put the babies back in the breeding cage with dad, so that he can finish raising the chicks properly. You can then enjoy co-parenting these chicks and not worry about their nutrition.

FaeryBee 04-09-2018 01:53 PM

I agree with Michelle 100%.

Allowing one baby to care for the other two is a definitely NOT a good idea.

The three chicks need to be put back in with the Dad and co-parented as indicated in my previous post.

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