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SkyKiwi 09-12-2018 07:32 PM

Nesting Place
I have been told that having a nesting place inside my cage is not good for them. Can someone explain why? Thanks! :)

FaeryBee 09-12-2018 08:55 PM

Budgies do not need a "nest" to sleep in.
In the wild, budgies sleep in trees.
If you put a nesting place in your cage that stimulates the birds' urge to breed.
This is something you do not want to do.

When a female budgie begins laying eggs, with or without a male present, then she is depleting the calcium in her body as well as becoming at risk of becoming egg bound.

Budgies should only ever be provided with a nesting site when an individual has all the proper knowledge, experience and has prepared the two birds for breeding in the most responsible and ethical manner.

Before breeding any species, it is important to learn as much about the animals, their personalities and the best practices to follow for responsible and ethical breeding prior to making the commitment to take on the responsibility. This requires extensive research and an openness to continual learning.

A Heartfelt Plea to All Members
Guidance regarding Breeding Advice Threads

If you read the stickies and Budgie Articles as you were advised to do, you'll find most all the basic questions have been answered there.

SkyKiwi 09-12-2018 10:09 PM

But where do they lay eggs?

Hunterkat 09-13-2018 01:14 AM

You don't want them to lay eggs- they aren't like chickens that lay year round. Budgies are opportunistic breeders that only lay eggs when they are ready to have chicks.

FaeryBee 09-13-2018 09:17 PM

You have neither the knowledge nor experience to consider breeding your budgies.

Rearranging their cage frequently, and limiting the light they get to 8 hours a day will help tremendously. Please be sure you never put a nest box or anything that could be used as a nesting site in their cage.

When they come into condition, limit the amount of protein in their diet at that time.

You need to read the information provided on the forum in the stickies and the budgie articles.

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