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Heavypenguins 08-30-2016 08:41 AM

Alistair, checking in!
(also the human)
I've been so busy with life events and university, but I thought it's about time to bring an update about Alistair! :D
He's ALMOST one and a half, now, the time's uh... flown.

From how Alistair was very nervous about leaving his cage for any amount of time, it's now a struggle to get him back in. (not that I'm complaining)

He flies to my finger on command.He'll ask to come over, or wait for me to hold my finger up (or he'll just invite himself and land on my shoulder)
He likes to parade up and down my desk, telling me how to draw or play my games.. clearly. Budgie knows best!

All in all, he's a very good boy, and I love him to pieces!

aluz 08-30-2016 08:51 AM

A big welcome back to the forums, Amber!
I'm very glad everything has been going so well with with your precious boy Alistair, he's such a handsome fellow! :love:
Thank you for the update and keep on enjoying life with Alistair. :thumbsup:

mexicoandice 08-30-2016 11:44 AM

Alistair is such a sweet budgie boy! :loveeyes: Thanks for the pictures and update!:)

RavensGryf 08-30-2016 12:35 PM

Wow Amber, Alistair has come such a long way :). Good work both of you! He is so gorgeous, thanks for the new pics and update.

StarlingWings 08-30-2016 12:57 PM

Amber, thanks so much for the update! Alistair looks like he's doing wonderfully and he is such a handsome young man!

I'm very happy to hear all about his adventures and how well he's doing, too. It sounds like you both have a very special bond :D

Thanks so much for the update and it's good to see you around here :wave:

FaeryBee 08-30-2016 08:44 PM


It's so nice to hear from you and get the wonderful update on Alistair!
He's looking so happy and proud that he's now the "big bird in charge". :giggle: I love the pictures you posted of him.

Hope to see you (both) around when you have the time. :wave:

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