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MichaelGP 08-08-2020 05:58 AM

Returning Here My 3 Birds 1 Just Died
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This Picture was in 2020 JULY FRIDAY 24 My 7 years old Budgie - Pikachu got Cancer Infection Infecting her life away. I just got a New Bird like her. Calling him Albert. The bird to the right perched on the Cage Door is Night Wing Ronnie, had him since May 2016 ( 4 years) the white one is Eerwwee and got him in late AUGUST 2015 ( 5 years old) ( when I lost Frosty Nancy in OCTOBER 2015) I'm returning here on this Forums because of the lost of Pikachu 2020 AUGUST TUESDAY 4.

budgielyfe 08-12-2020 11:48 AM

Oh no, I'm sorry. :(

These little birds become such a part of the family and it's so sad when one passes away, I wish they lived longer. But you do have a beautiful flock there.

They are such a bring, shining light in our lives for the time that they're here. They're the sweetest little pets you could ask for.

How are your other budgies taking it?

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