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Therm 01-14-2018 01:33 PM

Quick-Lock Crock
I have been meaning to get one of these types of containers a while and saw these in the UK Retailer The Range for 3.99.

They had a larger version for either 5.99 or 6.99.
I wanted one mostly for the cage that Jay is in with Eve because he tends to tip the water pots up very frequently.

I checked them while in store to see if they locked and unlocked easily and they seemed to move smoothly and without issue.

I have only just popped them in the cage today so if I come across any faults I will note them in this thread.

RavensGryf 01-14-2018 11:59 PM

I bought some of those years ago for my larger birds. I stopped using them a long time ago, but I don’t even remember why :giggle:. Yes, the unlocking/locking on all of mine are smooth and easy to twist off and on.

One reason I wouldn’t use them now for water unless temporarily, is that the locking piece on the bottom of the bowl prevents it from sitting flat on a surface. I take all my birds bowls on a tray to the kitchen to change water, so obviously for water that wouldn’t work too well!

It’s not the same brand(s) here, but it looks like the identical product. They do come in two sizes. Mine are transparent colors. Tough thick plastic too.. I’ve had them a long time and the plastic has some superficial marks from scratches and impact against other items in a storage box, but none have cracked.

JRS 01-15-2018 09:09 AM

Ooo I love the range, you can find good bargains there for lots of household things.

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