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Pretty boy 06-15-2015 04:55 AM

Budget's Night Time
Here is Budget having his night time routine Huff on his Tummy, please excuse the darkness at first and my horrible voice :o

aluz 06-15-2015 05:41 AM

Aww, that is so incredibly sweet! And you have a lovely voice, Cathy. :)

Didoushkaya 06-15-2015 05:43 AM

Aw, love it!
Nothing wrong with your voice at all. That is such a cool bedtime routine :)

Celyia 06-15-2015 06:03 AM

That was so incredibly sweet that it got me right in my heart. That's a little boy who really loves his parents.

Thanks for sharing. That really just made my day so much better.

Niamhf 06-15-2015 06:39 AM

Aww this is sooooo cute:D Little Budget is definitely the centre of attention and he's loving it:D

Pretty boy 06-15-2015 07:08 AM

Budget centre of attention? No way ! :laughing:

YES indeed he is very special and our bond is extraordinary.:loveeyes:

Bedtimes are so much fun in our house, we just enjoy the love and happiness this little fellow brings to us each and every day.:D

Glad you all like Budget's night time routine. We never tire of finding new ways to show him how we feel.:budgie:

deriksen 06-15-2015 08:36 AM

That's just the sweetest thing ever! Thanks for sharing :)

nuxi 06-15-2015 09:42 AM

Cathy,unfortunately the video doesn't work...:S

StarlingWings 06-15-2015 05:55 PM

What an adorable video! Gaby, you have to click on the image, it will take you to Photobucket :D

That is so cute, he definitely loves his parents very much ;)
I loved it, made me smile. What a darling chap Budget is!

Heavypenguins 06-15-2015 06:41 PM

That's the cutest thing I've ever seen!!! :love:

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