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FaeryBee 05-01-2013 12:44 AM

Most Talented Budgie Videos 2013 Bird Show

This thread is for viewing only.
All entries in the MOST TALENTED BUDGIE VIDEOS category submitted by members will be placed here.
Videos entered for Most Talented Budgie must be RECENT videos ONLY.
No videos recorded prior to January 2013 are allowed.

Freki (Feline Ferocity)
Freki chases the red dot - YouTube

Chili (Sheeshshe)
happy birthday 027 - YouTube

Benny (PipSqueakZ)
Crazy Wrestling Benny

Leonel (aluz)
Budgie Weightlifting

LadyBoy (tippa)
LadyBoy diving

Indi (lynbuster)
Indi Conversing with Lyn

Wiki (AnnMarie)

Julio (JuliosMom)
Moves like Jagger - YouTube

Toshi (Budgie Mama)
Toshi Playing Hairdresser

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