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jijik 04-29-2016 02:48 PM

Gender question
Hey, you guys told me that my budgie is female but after I took him to a vet he told me that he's a male. He told me that in order to define the gender of a budgie you need to look at his cere If it blue then It's a mall (my budgie's cere is blue).

Is that right?

cheesynibbler 04-29-2016 02:53 PM

Hi, have you anymore recent pics of your little one? [emoji4]

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Therm 04-29-2016 03:08 PM

Whoever told you the budgie's gender can only tell by the cere, they did not use any other means to judge your birds gender. They would have had to see from the picture you provided. If the cere looks different in person than in the pictures, then it makes it harder to give an accurate guess.
A blue cere, with white around the nares indicates a female, if in a young hen that isn't in breeding condition.

If you can please provide a recent picture in good lighting without the use of a flash, we shall be able to tell.

aluz 04-29-2016 03:12 PM

Hi there,

From your introductory thread it was determined that your budgie is a female.
On the photos, there is some blue on the edges of the cere and a lot of white colour in between and around the nostrils. These are the typical colours of a immature female or a female who is currently out of breeding condition.

Adult male budgies have rich and deep royal blue coloured ceres. In certain colour mutations, males can keep the immature pinkish/purplish colour on their ceres.

jijik 04-29-2016 04:42 PM

Are you guys sure? because my budgie's cere is exactly exactly like this. The guy in petstore told me that he has four months and he's not in breeding mood.

My budgie's cere isn't light blue.

edit: I managed to take a picture of my budgie, I took the other picture in my other thread outside I think that caused it.

Therm 04-29-2016 04:55 PM

The picture you posted before showed a lot of white on the cere. While you associate the blue with a male, it is also present in females before breeding condition.

aluz 04-29-2016 04:56 PM

The ceres on male budgies will only mature to the royal blue colour by the time they reach 6 months old.

From the photos you posted on your introductory thread, it's clear that your budgie is already an adult because it has the fully white irises and already has the adult plumage. The photo you shared on post #8 the cere is clearly very white and this would indicate a female.

We based our opinions from the photos you posted of your budgie back then and from our experience in budgie ownership.

jijik 04-29-2016 04:57 PM

My budgie's cere is deep blue and he has light blue around his nostril (my phone's camera doesn't show that I think).

StarlingWings 04-29-2016 11:15 PM

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, pictures do not show accurately the true colour of the cere. :)

As Aluz has expertly stated, female budgies do indeed have blue ceres, with a chalky appearance and with white prominently around the nostril area. When they are in breeding condition, it turns dark, crusty brown.

Males also have blue ceres, but their cere is deep, dark blue, with no white nostril rings and some pale blue around the nostrils when they are out of breeding condition.

It depends on which you see in real life. As mentioned, pictures sometimes do not accurately portray the true colours.

It sounds like now it is up to you to make that judgement at this point ;)

jijik 05-05-2016 09:13 AM

Male as I can see. Thank you people, for your assistance.

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