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Cookieboy 05-31-2016 01:11 AM

Boy or girl?
Hello everyone! I know I've previously been told my cookie is a boy but his cere is changing so I just wanted to see your opinions on his gender? (Or her) lol thank you :)

RavensGryf 05-31-2016 01:24 AM

I had to look into your past posts in order to find the picture ;)
aluz had told you he was a boy. She is very experienced with budgies. Also, that pic is so clear that it shows Cookie is most definitely a boy. How is the cere 'changing'? It must be turning blue?

Cookieboy 05-31-2016 01:35 AM

sorry have been having issues posting photos... not even sure if this will work either!!


RavensGryf 05-31-2016 01:41 AM

Aw, he's sure cute. Definitely a "he"... again :). I can't see any hint of blue yet, he's still young. But if it is the brown spot you're referring to, that is a little food or some sort of debris that will come off.

A young female would not have such a pinkish lavender cere. It would be chalky whitish light blue, then as they approach maturity, it gets more white, then if they should come into condition, it gets tan, then brown. But you most definitely have a boy :)

Cookieboy 05-31-2016 01:51 AM

Great, thanks so much for your quick responses!! :) I had a budgie called George for 8 years - I actually posted about her lots on this site but i can't remember my old username! Its been a couple of years since I've owned a budgie and i feel like a newbie all over again haha so its great having you all to come and ask questions to :) thanks again!! :)

RavensGryf 05-31-2016 02:18 AM

You're always welcome :). Hope to see more of cute Cookie around!

aluz 05-31-2016 08:39 AM

Your Cookie is 100% male and his cere will go through some changes as he continues to grow till he reaches maturity.
You will notice the cere gradually getting a deeper purplish colour and when he is about to turn 6 months old, his cere will change to a royal blue colour.
Depending on his genes, he may keep the immature purplish colour on his cere, but since he is a single factor dominant pied budgie, his cere will most likely mature into the royal blue colour.

FaeryBee 05-31-2016 12:27 PM

You have all the necessary information on Cookie's gender settled now. Before I closed the thread I just wanted to say I think he's precious! :love:

You might want to start an (Ongoing Thread) in the Budgies Pictures section of the forum to share lots of your little cutie with us. :photo:

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