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jacquesadit 03-11-2018 12:44 PM

Could someone help me figure out if this cutie is male or female?
So this is my new budgie, we're unsure of its age, so if anyone could determine that too, that would be great.
I've added 3 pictures because I didn't know which one would be best to help figure it out :) I hope these are clear enough!
Pic 1:
Pic 2:
Pic 3:

Hunterkat 03-11-2018 05:07 PM

Hmm, I'm guessing male but I'm not the best, someone should be along soon to confirm :)

StarlingWings 03-11-2018 08:49 PM

He's a gorgeous boy!

Because he's a combination pied budgie (recessive and dominant pied), his cere will be mottled like that for his whole life :thumbsup:

SamanthaJ 03-11-2018 11:40 PM

He's really cute. He might be a few months old now. I can see the whites on his eyes and the bands on his head are gone.

jacquesadit 03-12-2018 05:47 AM

Thank you so much!

FaeryBee 03-12-2018 07:47 PM

Beautiful little male!

I agree he's over 6 months old
I particularly love the third picture! :001_wub:

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