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Determining Gender Having trouble figuring out if your budgie is a male or female? Ask here!

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Old 07-12-2019, 11:45 PM
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Default Male or female

Hi everyone. I’ve gotten a new budgie a fortnight ago. He/she is a Lutino named Alfie. I’ve just been assuming male as I’ve only had male birds in the past and there is a bluish tint, but Alfie is still very young and hasn’t yet matured. The reason I’m questioning is he has white around both nostrils which can look pinkish or violet depending on the day, and his behaviour is different to budgies I’ve had in the past. He is more territorial and doesn’t like to share food with Louie. If Louie is eating he’ll cone down and take over even if he’s just finished, also if Louie is playing with a toy he’ll come and take it off him. Louie just lets him which is unusual too. They do like each other and often share a perch or preen each other. Any advice will be appreciated.
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Male or female-929ef007-3479-4f56-a057-4ee9fadd0770_1562985868100.jpg  

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Old 07-13-2019, 11:06 AM
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I'm not really sure, you should take another photo of Alfie with no flash, light or direct sunlight, as this one is not very clear.
However, the amount of white around the nostrils would make me think Alfie is a girl, but, as I said before, I'm not sure.

A certain behaviour/personality is not really an indication of your budgie's gender. I have two bossy females and a kind male now, but in the past I have had a bossy male and a kind female.

I hope this helps.

Old 07-14-2019, 12:38 PM
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RavensGryf (Julie)
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Alfie is a little girl . Sometimes males have a small amount of white surrounding the nostrils, but not as much as Alfie has. In person, does the opaque chalky white color cover quite a bit of the cere like it shows in the pic?

It’s a common misnomer that budgies behave a certain way because of gender. It is not true, and behavior depends on the individual’s unique personality.

If you haven’t already, please read through the Site Guidelines. Also, the Stickies we have posted in each section. You’ll find lots of important information on budgies, and help get you started here.

Looking forward to seeing more of Alfie!
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