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Pipsicle 09-23-2015 06:19 AM

Lafeber nutri-berries
I've been trying to convince my budgies to eat Harrison's pellets but so far no luck. One of them really likes nutri-berries though (I think, the ones that I've used are either the original ones or the cockatiel ones but I'm not sure). They claim that it is a complete food. Is this true? Are nutri-berries as good (as in as nutritious) as pellets? Are there any adverse effects or anything unhealthy in nutriberries?

Originally, I was hoping to convert my budgies to a 50/50 pellet/seeds diet. Would that work with nutri berries as well?

Also, which nutriberries would you recommend? They are struggling a bit with their size, which is roughly the size of a grape. They mostly fall out of their dish when trying to bite chunks off it so I crumble them up a bit for them. Are there any smaller sized ones than the ones for cockatiels? (I haven't been able to find any).

Are there any other flavours that you could recommend?

Finally, what exactly are nutriberries? I read somewhere that they are just de-hulled seeds and don't provide any nutritional advantage over regular seed mixes apart from maybe easing the transition to regular pellets.

Jo Ann 09-23-2015 03:25 PM

La feber
Great questions. Check out the La Feber site it is a good read.
The company has been around along time and early if not the first with the ideas behind pellets. What you have is a struggle to provide certain nutritional needs not met by seeds alone. We never fed our birds fresh food 60+ years ago.Research has revealed areas to address. The nurtiberries issue has some great uses. first we use mostly classic , but any flavor adds interest. Just crunch the nutriberries up and slip in a few of the smallest harrisons, or zupreem or roudybush nibbles in to get them used to the taste. Harrison has a small granular size that may work as well. Each flock is different. Use what works and focus on long term goal with short term changes as the birds adjust.

What I like about nutriberries: They are great for chicks and weak /recovering adults and they get much needed nutrition in a softer, tastier package and at these stages the molasses is very appropriate therapy. We use roudybush nibbles maintenance and breeders as the main pellet/ plus as a big flock is expensive we use drug free game bird starter in large bags to reduce cost. It is granular and mixes well with egg food , veggies whole grain bread and nutrients like soluvite D vitamins. Even sprouts. The various types of nutriberries have varying ratio of pellet to dehusked seed and then balanced with added nutrient to produce a complete balance. so select your taste and ratio and crumble. Pellet berries has been recently added to the program for those who want the complete package leaning heavily toward pellets. They seem to have helped a lot of people to transfer to pellets. I use what ever works when the need arrives. If a bird is sick simple carbs are quick energy which encourages a bird to eat more when it is so sick it wants none. So we adjust and get the bird healthy before reduce the sugar. Sugar is a problem when fugal illness are involved because fungus thrives on sugar. Again, get the bird eating and then reduce the sugar. Sugar is a by product of digestion and it has a place in nutrition. but it should come in as an end product that began with complex proteins being digested. so sugar is not bad, it simply needs to stay in its assigned place. La Feber also has a basic pellet diet but is known for the nutriberries. Take a look at the history on the site. Molasses is a better selection than processed sugar. It is important to look at the issues surrounding your basic question. If this doe not answer your needs ask another question. this is how we grow. Questions are good, Blessings, Jo Ann:p

Jonah 09-23-2015 07:13 PM

They sell budgie size nutriberries but not all stores carry them. They come in white plastic tubs in a larger quantity than the bags you see for the tiel and larger parrot's. JoAnn has given you wonderful information. I use them daily but sparingly because of the sugar content, and I avoid any other forms of sugar...:)

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