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Diet and Nutrition Discuss issues related to diet and learn about encouraging your budgie to a variety of healthy foods
Thread Description:My easy sprouting process, with pics!

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Old 03-14-2016, 10:11 AM
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PoukieBear (Michelle)

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Default Sprouting Everything!

As you all know already, I have a “slight” obsession with sprouts. If it can be sprouted, I’m excited about it!

I’ve decided to put together a simple step by step guide to how I do my sprouting. There are many different ways to sprout, but this way (In my opinion) is the easiest, fastest, foolproof way to do it.

First, let me say that I have OCD. This will explain what you’re about to see in the coming pictures. LOL
Everything is sealed tight in matching Mason Jars, and sorted into categories.


1) Yellow Peas
2) Green Peas
3) Chick Peas
4) Red Lentils
5) Green Lentils
6) Mung Beans


7) Sesame Seeds
8) Fenugreek
9) Buckwheat
10) Sunflower seeds
11) Brown Flax & Golden Flax seeds
12) Broccoli, Alfalfa, Radish, Mustard, Clover, Radish, Arugula
13) Kaniwa
14) Amaranth
15) Red, Black, White Quinoa
16) White Millet, Red Millet, Nyger seed, Canary seed, Canola seed


17) Triticale
18) Brown Rice (short)
19) Wheatberries
20) Kamut
21) Wild Rice


Hagen's Budgie seed mix is the best (that I've found) seed mix for sprouting. It's clean, no added colours or pellets, and always sprouts perfectly.


In a large bowl, I mix equal parts of all my goodies. (Except the Hagen seed mix) I use 1/4 cup of everything so that I have lots of dry mix ready for the next couple of weeks.

Once it is all mixed together, I store it in a mason jar (Because clearly I have a healthy obsession with them!)


Use Equal parts of the sprouting blend and the Hagen budgie seed. Depending on how many birds you are feeding, you can adjust the amount that you soak. For the purpose of this thread, I've used 1 tablespoon of each (Since the majority of people are only feeding one or two budgies)

1Tbls of Sprout blend

1Tbls of Hagen Budgie seed

Give the sprout mix a good rinse, to get rid of any dirt or dust.

Fill the sprouting container with clean water, and allow to soak for 8 - 12 hours.

Once the soak is done, drain the container and give the sprouts another good rinse. You can store these on your counter, away from sunlight (They don't need light to sprout).

When the soak is done, the sprouts are ready to feed to your bird. You do not need to wait for a sprout tail to appear, since the beneficial changes in the seed is already happening on the inside.

The seeds have now woken up from their dormant stage, are lower in fat and carbohydrates, higher in protein and vitamins.

Don't forget to rinse your spouts a couple of times a day. This keeps them fresh and moist, and will continue the sprouting process.

You can feed the sprouts on their own, or you can mix them up with a vegetable chop if your birds are used to eating veggies.

Blissfuly Insane.

Last edited by FaeryBee; 10-01-2018 at 04:16 PM.
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Old 03-14-2016, 10:40 AM
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shanebudgie (Shane)
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shanebudgie is greater than greatshanebudgie is greater than greatshanebudgie is greater than greatshanebudgie is greater than greatshanebudgie is greater than greatshanebudgie is greater than greatshanebudgie is greater than great

thank you Michelle so much.that's a wonderful idea indeed.I think I might try that 1 day soon.I want to see if Gracie will like sprouts.many blessings and thanks again for the photos and information on how to mix and sprout
Old 03-14-2016, 11:17 AM
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Stitcher (Jen)
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Stitcher is on a distinguished road

I have similar organizational tendencies; your sorting and matching jar pics make me happy.

Thank you for posting all the info! I didn't realize the seeds could be used before they start to actually sprout tails. My sprouting kit should be here tomorrow. The sprouter I'm getting looks very similar to the one you're using. I'm glad to hear it's a good one!
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