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aliciagnieto 09-11-2020 02:19 PM

Trick to get budgies to eat pellets
Hi everyone!
I wanted to share a small hack that has worked for me to get my two girls to eat pellets.
I mixed the dry pellets with water, to create a paste, and then mixed a generous amount of seeds in it, creating a sort of porridge, or cookie dough out of the combination. Initially the texture was a bit more liquid than simple dough, so to pick the seeds and peel them they would have to take the pellet-liquid in their mouth, even in they didnīt technically eat it. Then I placed bunches of the concoction (with the help of a Popsicle stick, because it is sticky on the finger!) on the corners of their flat platforms(you want to make sure it wonīt just fall to the ground, and that the birds have room to play and roll the blob searching for seeds), also spread some bits of it on perches.
My girls loved the experience to forage for the seeds mixed with "whatever that is", and got used to the taste of pellets in the process. They liked it specially when the paste started to harden with time, and they got to chew, break it, and push and turn the block around.
Gradually, I put less and less seeds per pellet in the mix, then made it more solid (now it did feel like dough), and finally substituted pure seeds with sprouts to make it healthier. They love it now, Pixie favors it over simple sprouts, and they both will take mouthfuls of the paste itself when served. Through the process they started eating the dry pellets they have available too (specially Nisser). Even though she is clearly not a fan yet, she does know they are edible and she does eat them when no better choice is available.

I also use the wet pellet mix as "glue" to make treat sticks for them.
I hope this may be useful to some of you!
Words of caution: the moment you mix the bag-bought seeds into the wet mix, ESPECIALLY if they are sprouted , mold is more likely to form, so donīt make the mix and leave it sitting there for three days. Serve it the same day. It can be in the cage for a day or two no big issue, just keep an eye on it.

kk2 10-17-2020 06:55 PM

Hi have you tried harrisons power treats? Also My budgie eats pellets but I think she has difficulty swallowing it due to her respiratory condition, so you just mixed the pellets with water right? I think I will try doing that

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