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Mahi 05-27-2018 11:31 PM

Budgie Feet Problem
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Hey Good Day Everyone. Our Budgie Tweety mysteriously stopped using his left leg and just had it held up off the entire time. He hobbled on his right leg all the while. We have had him for over a year now and he has never had any issues, he seems to be his usual cheerful self but recently a couple days ago he stopped using his right leg also. This results in him not gripping the perch at all and falling off, it is as though he can no longer clench his toes on the perch. So now he clings onto the side of the cage with his beak or drops to the bottom where he drags himself along. His legs work and they have strength in them but his feet or toes rather seem to be dead. I have no idea what may be the problem. I tried but no suitable again vet is available at my disposal for the time being. Any help would be much appreciated!!!! Thanks [ I attached pictures of his feet)

JRS 05-28-2018 07:31 AM

You really need to take your bird to a vet, preferably an avian vet, or one that is willing to liaise with an avian vet.
We cannot solve this issue for you here and the problem is obviously progressing.

There are numerous causes of paralysis:
Several diseases have paralysis as a symptom
Calcium deficiency or vitamin D deficiency can have neurological symptoms
Tumors, either directly or indirectly via nerve pressure
Toxic causes of paralysis
Nerve damage caused by injury
Viral diseases and infection
Kidney problems can cause paralysis on one or both sides

Losing the function of both feet can very quickly lead to additional problems with additional symptoms that can blur the picture of the initial diagnosis: So I urge you to seek veterinary advice ASAP.

In the meantime, I suggest that you try to rearrange his cage to make him as comfortable as you can, and food & water as accessible as possible.
Remove the perches, swings etc to remove temptation to climb higher (you can lay a stable Y-shaped perch on the floor, so that he has the chance to perch if he wishes).
Keep the floor of the cage clean with frequent paper changes.
Depending on what level his cage is to you, he may feel more relaxed if you move his cage to a higher spot, so that he feels at your head height rather than you looming above him.

Best of luck - If you are having trouble finding a vet, then other members with access to your location may be able to help you.

philw 05-28-2018 09:43 PM

Excellent information that Julia has given you. Good luck.

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