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Is there a special breeding season for budgies?
Before breeding any species, it is important to learn as much about the animals, their personalities and the best practices to follow for responsible and ethical breeding prior to making the commitment to take on the responsibility. This requires extensive research and an openness to continual learning. If the conditions are right, budgies will breed any time of the year. It is best, however, to breed them during fall or spring. Anyone considering breeding should have a strong basic knowledge about budgies and how to give them the best possible care. Please refer to the "stickies" in the Breeding Section as reference resources prior to making such a commitment.

I have a male and female budgie. How can I keep them from breeding?
Never put a nesting box in the cage -- budgies do not need nest boxes to sleep or play in. Nest boxes should only be utilized specifically for an individual pair when breeding is desired. To discourage breeding, limit the amount of daylight to no more than 8 hours per day, ensure there is nothing in the cage that might be used as a potential nesting site such as coconut huts, hollowed out wood toys, open food dishes, happy huts or items that may used as nesting material. Limit the amount of protein in the budgies' diet when they are in condition. Rearrange the items in the cage frequently, and move the cage to different areas in the home. If necessary, separate the male and female into individual cages in different rooms until the female comes out of condition.

How many budgies do I need in order to breed them? Can I breed only one pair?
Specifics regarding breeding should be carefully researched prior to making the commitment to take on the responsibility of breeding. When breeding budgies, remember you need an individual breeding cage for each pair. Talk Budgies never recommends colony breeding due to the inherent risks and dangers. In addition to an individual breeding cage for each pair, you will need another cage in which to move the mother budgie when the chicks reach approximately 3 1/2 weeks old (at which time the father raises the chicks until they are fully weaned.) While it is possible to breed just one pair of budgies, often it is best to have at least two breeding pair in case an egg or chick needs to be fostered to another hen.

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