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How much does my budgie need to eat each day?
A budgie needs 1/2 to 2 teaspoons of seed per day. it's a great idea to measure your budgies seed as giving only the amount it requires ensures that it's eating ALL the different types of seed rather than picking out just it's favorite. In addition to seed, you can offer pellets in the cage 24/7. In addition fresh vegetables should also be offered daily. Check the safe foods list in the Diet and Nutrition section of the forum.

What should I feed my budgie?
Despite common belief an all seed diet is not adequate for a budgie. If fed only on seed you may be damaging it's liver and risking illness. A good diet for a budgie is a mix of budgie pellets/crumbles and a good quality seed mix (with as many different seeds as possible). Budgies also require fresh vegetables (spinach, broccoli, corn, carrot, etc) every one to two days as well as constant access to a source of calcium (cuttlebone) and a mineral/iodine block. Some things to avoid with budgies is apple seeds, chocolate, alcohol, avocado, salt and sugar. Wash all vegetables before giving them to your budgie as most have been around pesticides.

Should I feed my budgie grit?
Budgies should not be given grit. Budgies are a type of hookbilled parrot and does not require grit to digest their food. Newest research by Avian Vets indicate that feeding a budgie grit can lead to crop impaction.

I just got my new budgie, and he is not eating or drinking. Is this normal?
When you first bring your budgie home, it will be stressed because of the change in environment. Your budgie may not eat for several days and this is normal. Most budgies love millet and you may offer it to them until you see them eat. Budgies do not require much water and initially will drink when you are not around. As long as your budgie is pooping, you can be assured it is eating and drinking.

What are some safe fruits I can give my budgie?
Vegetables are actually better for your budgie as fruits are high in sugar content. It is best to give fruit only once or twice a week as a treat. Ensure any fruit or vegetable you offer your budgie is washed thoroughl. Pesticides are toxic to budgies. Some fruits which are safe for your budgie include: kiwi, pears, bananas, apples, pineapples, grapes, oranges, peaches, tangerines, melons, strawberries, figs, cherries, raspberries, apricots, and blackberries. Please refer to the Safe Food List in the Diet and Nutrition Section

What are some general symptoms of a sick budgie?
These are just general things to look for in a sick budgie. If you think you budgie is sick you should consult with your Avian Veterinarian as soon as possible. - Fluffed feathers - Eyes aren't opened fully - Often sleeping on both feet - Sleeping a lot - There's a change in color/consistancy in the droppings - May not eat a lot, or may eat a lot more than usual (they do this to keep warm). - Limping - Wings are drooped - On the bottom of the cage, often in a corner

What foods are toxic to budgies?
Budgies cannot eat any dairy, as they are lactose intolerant. Two of the most poisonous foods to budgies are chocolate and avocado. Never give a budgie either of these! Junk food (such as potato chips) should be avoided as well. You should avoid iceberg lettuce as it has little nutritional value. All fruits and vegetables should be washed thoroughly to ensure any trace of pesticides have been removed before offering them to your budgie.

What are some unsafe fresh foods I shouldn't give my budgie?
Not everything we can eat is non-toxic for budgies. There are some fresh foods which budgies can't eat. They include: green beans, avocados, lemons, plums, grapefruit, raw potatoes, and green potatoes.

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