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Gemlinn 06-22-2015 05:31 AM

Concussed budgie - need advice!
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Hi all, I am brand new here. We got our very first baby budgie yesterday, his name is Archie and he's about 5-6 weeks old (just out of the nest but flying and eating seed). He is super tame and happy to snuggle up in human hands, shows no startle or alarm when we come near him or pick him up, fearlessly eating millet from our hands too!

This morning he took a good header into the window and cracked his head really hard - when I ran over he was lying on his back and I thought he was dead. After that he seemed like he wanted to burrow away into my jumper and also had trouble balancing. I rang the vet and the assistant recommended I put him in the cage for quiet time but as soon as I did he tried to climb up on things but was falling off because he couldn't balance. After that I put him in a dark shoebox with some towels for enforced quiet time.

I took him to our local vet (not an avian specialist) as soon as I could. She said his grip is a little weak on one side and he also had some blood coming out of his nose (a tiny smear). He has an appointment at the avian vet tomorrow morning but the regular vet just recommended we put him in a slightly bigger box with seed and water and leave him be until then.

He has been eating a bit this afternoon but still having trouble standing upright and balancing. He was also getting a bit restless in the box and even climbed up to sit on the edge, so I cuddled him in my hands for a little while until he calmed down (don't want him trying to fly again... he is probably getting bored in the box but I don't want him climbing anything).

There's nothing else I can do for him now except keep him nice and quiet but just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience? Is there anything else I should be doing for him in the mean time? Will he be warm enough in the box or should he have a little heating pad? He seems bright eyed and interested but still the balancing trouble. I just want to make sure I am doing everything I can and everything he needs before we see the vet tomorrow. Really just need some reassurance because I am pretty upset, he is so small and fragile and I'm worried about him.

Thank you :)

FaeryBee 06-22-2015 06:06 AM

Keeping him quiet and calm is most important right now.
If holding him helps him feel calm and secure then that is what I would personally do. Perhaps you can hold him against your chest close to your heart? The warmth of your body and hearing your heartbeat should be very soothing for him.

Unfortunately, with head injuries, it often takes time for the internal swelling to go down and until that happens it is impossible to know if the neurological damage is going to be permanent or temporary. :hug:
Hopefully by the time you get your baby to the Avian Vet tomorrow he will be showing some improvement and will have a full and speedy recovery.

Sending lots of positive thoughts, energy and prayers for you and your little budgie. Please give us an update after his appointment with the Avian Vet.

Gemlinn 06-22-2015 06:15 AM

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Thanks FaeryBee, like I said we have only had him one day and I would be devastated if anything permanent has happened. He is such a calm and trusting little thing, he does seem very relaxed when we hold him and I think this is a good way to keep him warm. I just want to be sure we are doing the right things for him in the interim.

I will let you know how we go at the vet tomorrow. Thanks for your well wishes :)

FaeryBee 06-22-2015 06:20 AM

Try to make sure he gets enough to drink -- it will be important he stay hydrated. If he isn't drinking at all, I would suggest soakig a bit of millet spray in electrolyte solution (Pedialyte) and offer that to him. If you don't have any and can't get out to get some, you can use this recipe
cup hot water
3 cups water
2 Tablespoons honey (or sugar if you have no honey)
teaspoon salt
Optional: 2 Tablespoons Orange or Apple Juice

Mix the honey and salt with the hot water until dissolved
Add the room temperature water and juice and let cool to room temperature before using.

Gemlinn 06-22-2015 06:22 AM

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Thanks! I'll try this out.

Niamhf 06-22-2015 06:23 AM

Oh I'm so sorry to hear about baby Archie's accident. Praying that he'll be okay. I'm sure you got an awful fright also and I'm glad you took him straight to the vet and seeing an avian vet tomorrow. Please keep us posted.
Other than the advice you have already been given I can't really offer any more. Unfortunately it's a hard lesson to learn to keep curtains closed during flight time.

I hope to see pictures of little Archie soon when he's back on his feet again.

Ps; welcome to the forum :)

Gemlinn 06-22-2015 06:34 AM

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Thanks Niamh, pictures definitely! He is grey and very sweet but still a bit scraggly looking as his feathers are growing in. He is resting in my hand at the moment (as I type with the other hand!) I am just hoping he will be ok, he seems pretty chipper apart from the trouble balancing. Will just have to try and get some sleep tonight, got an exam tomorrow morning and stressing out is not going to help him or me!

FaeryBee 06-22-2015 06:39 AM

Definitely try to relax as much as you can. You're absolutely correct in that you being stressed won't be good for either of you. :hug:

Once you've had Archie to see the Avian Vet you can post a thread in our "Introductory" section of the forum and I'll :welcome: welcome you properly.

Niamhf 06-22-2015 06:42 AM

I'm glad he is alert that's a good sign. He needs a good night sleep and so do you. Best of luck with your exam also :)

Gemlinn 06-22-2015 07:10 AM

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Thanks again for your reassurance, FaeryBee and Niamh. Will update tomorrow after a good rest and vet visit!

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