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Wograine 12-26-2017 07:06 PM

Cut the nail too short
Hi everyone, i would like to hear some advice from you since i'm very worried just like every time something unexpected happens with my buddy, this time being that i cut his nail too short. At first i panicked but then i managed to stop the bleeding using flour. Now my main concern is the chance of getting his wound infected. And i'm wondering how long will it take for him to recover his lost blood although he didn't lose much of it (i think). Also he didn't change his behaviour after the bleeding except of being stressed when i held him to stop bleeding and after that he's been acting cheerful as usual till he went to sleep. Now i'm waiting till morning hoping that nothing bad will happen during the night. So again i would greatly appreciate any kind of tips, informations or anything useful. Thanks!

philw 12-26-2017 09:30 PM

Budgies that are tame and bonded tend to be very forgiving and don't hold grudges.
Because of the bleeding it's unlikely to become infected and using flour helped stem blood loss. Although a few drops sounds like a lot, there are a lot worse trauma. He should be
fine. Give him some extra millet!

FaeryBee 12-27-2017 05:53 AM

Phil's advice and suggestions were spot on.
Hopefully your little budgie is feeling fine today.
We'd love to see an updated picture if you have any new ones to share.

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