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Follow-up Center Threads made in the Emergency Room forum will be moved here by staff as a way to follow-up with members after their budgie emergency. This keeps the E.R. for only the most current emergencies.

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Old 05-30-2018, 02:43 AM
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Exclamation Dying Budgie.

On Sunday (26/5) I picked up a baby (8wks) budgie from a breeder.

The budge looked healthy, clean, and on the drive home he was curious and strong by the looks of things.

That night in the cage he was very shy and stayed still (understandable with change of environment).

Since Sunday I haven't seen him eat or drink, he has seed just like he had at the breeders.

Today I came to find him laying on the floor of the cage, incredibly weak looking.

He isn't puffed up but he can't stand or use a perch, his legs are dragging behind him and he is trying to move using only his wings (flapping around).

He also looks to be stargazing and his feet are now scrunched up, he was just laying on his back now, and has since flipped himself over.

I've placed a heat lamp near him, though I've had a cry (and do every time I look at him) and think he will likely die tonight.

What could cause his legs to not support him and why would he be stargazing?

He looked ok at the breeders on Sunday but now he looks awful.

It's heartbreaking to watch him flap around and not be able to stand up.

I called another local breeder who said the only local vet usually charges $200 minimum. I think the bird is past that stage.

What can I do to comfort him? Not how I wanted my new bird experience to go.

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Old 05-30-2018, 12:05 PM
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RavensGryf (Julie)
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Hi, welcome to Talk Budgies .

Iím sorry that this experience is what has led you to find us. Why are you assuming itís too late to take the budgie to an avian vet? That is really your only option at this point, to save this precious babyís life.

I can only suspect that your baby has regressed to being not quite weaned. Many times when babies are just barely past the weaning stage they will regress. That is the reason many experienced breeders will keep the babies a week or two beyond the point they are eating by themselves, and wonít sell them the minute they start eating on their own. Was the breeder hand feeding? Iím not saying this is definitely whatís happening, as we can only take an educated guess. Only a qualified avian vet seeing your bird in person would have an idea what the medical issue might be, and assess if it truly is too late, OR give a plan for treatment.

Please act asap! Your baby needs professional help immediately if it is to live!

Also, soon as you get the chance, read the Stickies posts and Articles in the forum. There is a ton of essential information here, and answers to many common questions.

Keep us posted!

Last edited by RavensGryf; 05-30-2018 at 12:11 PM.
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