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jcorbi82 09-03-2019 11:08 AM

Turbo and Cookie have their own little house now and Turbo seems much much happier
Hello, all! GOOD NEWS: Okay, so, Turbo bird is without a doubt the birdie I have that I was most worried about. He is in the cage with the boys. Cookie has taken quite a liking to him, and Turbo seems to have figured out that Cookie is his own little food dispenser, LOL. So, I have been keeping an eye on Turbo for a couple of weeks.

Previously, Turbo seemed to sleep a lot, had a little bit of feather loss the same spot as the French Molt on my Jamaica bird (she is in the girl cage, the pretty bird.. green yellow and black, looks like Mr. Poof the talking budgie) but his beak was also long and looked too round at times. Keeping up with his beak health, he seems to be at a spot where he can eat/forage the seeds himself, nibble on the pellets, and he uses the Cuttlebone. I have to get them another mineral flower cake. Anyways. He was doing "OK." Cookie did a pretty good job of feeding him. I like how they "kick" each other first, before the feeding. Funny. Good boy.

So, now they have their own little cage, and Turbo, he drank water by himself within 5 minutes of being in there with only Cookie, whom we now call Nurse lol, and I am starting to think he likes being away from the other birds!! :lovie 1:

How does this sound to you all?

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