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Krazybirdlady19 06-26-2019 11:28 PM

you know you have a pet budgie if...
1. The settings on your phone get changed on a regular basis
2. You have amazon prime add on service just for budgie bells
3. You can get away with using Mommy as a landing strip
4. Everyone who visits you asks if your budgie is in his cage before they open the door
5. Your neighbours ask you if you can get your budgie to stop screaming at their dog
6. Your granddaughter wants to come to your house every day after school to make sure your budgie can give her a nose pick
7. Your son-in-law says "geez...they really ARE entertaining aren't they?"
8. You give up trying to type on the computer as you are chasing a little feathered creature off the keys repeatedly.

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Blingy 06-27-2019 01:01 AM

1. You’ve given up trying to hear the TV, because the louder you make the TV, the louder your budgies get.

2. You need to add on another room, just for toy making parts.

3. You spend more time sweeping and vacuuming up feathers, seed and other bits of budgie mess than all your other household chores combined.

4. You can easily spend hours each day, just watching your birds play.

5. You put more time, effort and money into preparing their food than you do your own.

6. Your living room looks like one big bird playroom, with toys, ladders, perches and playgyms everywhere.

7. Your phone is full of photos and videos of your birds.

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iHeartPieds 06-27-2019 08:43 AM

1. You keep finding feathers in odd places around your room/house

2. You look forward to pay day so you can buy more budgie toys

3. When you get home your first instinct is to greet your budgie

4. You no longer need to set an alarm because your bird wakes you every morning with it's chirping

5. You put more effort into your birds diet than your own

6. You can easily tell budgies apart from other birds just by their chirping

7. You love the smell of a wet budgie after it's had a bath XD

Cody 06-27-2019 11:22 AM

1. You're examining poop on a daily basis
2. You have jars full of beautiful feathers
3. Your daily schedule revolves around what the birds need
4. You find most drawers in the house have something related to the birds in them
5. You can never go on vacation because you don't trust anyone to bird sit
6. A quiet house is uncomfortable to you
7. You give your spouse a list of do's and don't's for the birds
8. You spend more money on a vacuum cleaner than you thought possible

Goldenwing 06-30-2019 12:12 AM

I love these! Here are some more:

*People greet you by asking about your bird
*When you take your pet to work, everyone knows because of the noise she makes (Does anyone else take their pet to work ever? I have a job that means she can some times even help me by cheering people up)
*You see a white spot on your clothes and assume it is poop
*Your computer screen has lots of little smudges where your bird licked it
*The decorative mirror in your living room is covered most of the time
*You have to be careful about leaving the bathroom door open because your bird likes to go in and perch on the mirror or play with the toilet paper roll
*Your coworkers find feathers at work and know who they belong to. :laughing: This happened to me last week. And I hadn't even brought my bird there recently. The feathers just stick to me.

Hunterkat 07-01-2019 04:11 PM

*You find mystery poops in odd places while cleaning
*You have found a seed hull in a weird spot on your person (for me, my belly button. HOW)
*Your blinds have tiny indentations in them from little budgies chewing on them
*You've given up on trying to sleep in because the birds will just wake you up anyway
*You tell everyone you know that you have birds

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