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PeteyBudgie 01-27-2015 03:43 PM

How to let them "out"?
We've had Petey for a couple of weeks now, and just moved him into a much bigger cage yesterday. Lately (even in the smaller cage) he's flying around and chirping loud! I wouldn't say he's "tame" yet. We can put our hand in the cage, and he'll eat from our hand. But he won't get up on our hand yet, and moves away if we try, so we've just been being patient.

But I feel like he still needs to get out of his cage. I don't know how to do this though? :S Just open the cage? Will he fly away? Will he hurt himself? How do we get him back in the cage? Will he freak out?

Am I moving too quickly, or is it good for them to get out and about?

Peetysmom 01-27-2015 04:10 PM

Im wondering the same thing about my Peety as I am in same boat. He is not tame yet and Ive only had him for a few weeks. I feel same as you. That he needs to get out and exercise. I have let him out twice so far and the way I got him back in was to turn all lights off and put his cage down on the floor where he was hanging out. He hopped back in. I let him stay out for about an hour but he cant fly right now because I am keeping his flight feathers trimmed for taming. I plan on letting them grown back once he is tamed more.
Id like to hear what others say on this topic because I do feel I want to let Peety out too. Today he chose not to come out even though I left the door open for over and hour.

I should change what I said to say, that he can fly he just cant fly around as much as he did before I trimmed him. He glides more or less so he is still able to get around just not high up like he did before.

kcladyz 01-27-2015 04:21 PM

What i do is keep them in the bed room and open the door to the cage and let them come and go if they want. i do not force it and I keep the bedroom door closed. They know how to get back to their cage on their own. I will give them space if they are spooked by you they could fly into a wall so i let them be. I would not turn the lights off. They can not see in dark or low light

Peetysmom 01-27-2015 04:28 PM

Heidi someone on here told me to turn lights off. I know I read on here a few posts to keep lights dim. I guess I didnt mean complete dark. Well it was daytime anyway but I shut off all lights and shined a flashlight onto his cage.

Birdmanca 01-27-2015 04:34 PM

He may need more time before you let him out. As for getting him back in the cage, do not chase him around the room to do it, as that scares small birds. I jusy leave the room if they do not want to go back and close the door. I leave their cage door open with all the food, water and millet they eat. Even though I have 3 birds, this works. As they will get hungry or if tired later, they always go back to the cage, as they sleep there.

justmoira 01-27-2015 07:46 PM

With my two bebes I secured the room and then opened all the doors, with a play gym outside the cage with choice toys on it and millet. Then I sat across the room on my laptop occasionally talking to them. Sometimes they come out, sometimes they don't feel like it. Sometimes they fly about like wild little things calling out loudly until they are exhausted and then take a nap, hahahahaha

Pretty boy 01-28-2015 05:32 AM

if your budgie came from a big pet shop chances are they won't be able to fly very well at all, this is because they are bred in captivity and then placed in small holding cages to travel to the shop once there they are held in the cages till sold usually so no flying practice happens.
With babies bought from a breeder they are a lot older and have socialised and flew a bit in with the rest of the flock.

When you first take them out they tend to go quite silly and bang into walls and such, this is why you need a safe place for them to learn. Some people use a Large mosquito net placed over a bed with an old sheet on it. They can move around and not get hurt. When they are out please shut all curtains, windows, toilet lids, empty sinks, no hot drinks or pots on a stove or haters and fans turned on.
The best way to catch is use a small cloth and throw it over them, then gently pick them up and take back to the cage. Budgies do not have good night vision this why they tend to sleep with the natural daylight pattern.

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