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Pipsicle 04-03-2015 06:44 PM

budgies have moved in together
At first it all went swimmingly. While they were playing outside their cage, preening each other, etc I cleaned the older one's cage, changed all perches and toys, and placed it in a different corner of the room. They both happily flew into it and apart from a bit of bickering seemed ok.

The drama all started when I switched off the lights. Normally I stagger switching off the lights to give them time to settle I first switch off the lights but leave the door wide open and the light in the passage on and then after ten minutes or so I shut the door.

Today when I switched off the lights though, the younger insisted on sticking to the older one like a wart. I guess she is feeling scared and insecure in the new cage and is seeking comfort from the older one. The older one, however, seems to want space while sleeping so she kept attacking the younger one.

I've placed two perches (and a few others) on opposite sides if the cage and I've put her favourite toys there so that it doesn't seem too unfamiliar but she'd still rather be on the other perch with oldie. I tried several times to coax youngie to her own perch but she kept flying to oldie's perch.

I switched on the lights again because youngie was freaking out and flying around in the dark but that didn't help either. It's half ten and I'm pretty conscious of the fact that it's way past their bed time. Usually I switch off the lights latest by ten but mostly around half nine. Youngie is moulting as well so she needs her sleep.

I've just switched off the lights again. Last time I checked they were both on the same perch but not trying to kill each other. I hope they'll be ok. I've left the blinds open, which allows quite a bit of street light to stream into the room. I hope they'll still be able to sleep. I thought maybe youngie will feel less scared.

Now, I'm sitting outside their room too scared to move in case they start going crazy. :rolleyes:

Sorry, long story. Just wanted some reassurance (or advice).:budgie:

FaeryBee 04-03-2015 07:16 PM

It's totally unfamiliar to your younger bird. She was used to having her own safe place and now she is trying to adjust to a new environment again. Make sure there is plenty of light so they can both see just in case either of them get startled so they won't crash into everything in the cage.

I wouldn't check on them anymore tonight because that will just keep them more alert and wary at this point in time.

Pipsicle 04-03-2015 07:47 PM

No, I haven't checked on them again though now I'm wondering if I should switch a night light on for them..:rolleyes::o:D

Anyway, I haven't heard any noises from their room so I hope they are ok. I really don't want to wake them. They've had quite an eventful day. I really hope they are ok. :(

Jonah 04-03-2015 07:51 PM

I use a nightlight with a blue bulb, it has pretty much ended night fright's. Bird's do not need it to be pitch black to sleep...:)

FaeryBee 04-03-2015 08:07 PM

I always have a night light on for mine. :)

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